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Functional training is a type of training that affects the simultaneous development of a large color functional and motor abilities. It will affect the development of your motor abilities (speed, strength, flexibility, muscular endurance …), then will affect the reduction of subcutaneous and visceral fat and increase muscle mass. The most important part of functional training and equipment for functional training is that it trains your muscles to work together, to simulate the movements that you use in the sport and during some physical activity.

Equipment used in functional training are: sandbags, medicine balls, kettlebell, bosu balls, TRX, viper, ropes, gymnastic circles, truck tires and more. Here we present some of the most effective.


Available in different weights, wearing a handle on all parties who have needs for various combinations of exercises. With sandbags you can drawing, lifting, throwing, squats … hired a large number of muscle groups.

sandbag-training-bag-adjustable-[5]-71-p   sandbag-training-schulter-lift-web


Two lanes, with the jaws on one and connected at the other end, is a highly functional device that engages almost all the muscles. On the TRX in the various possible forms are push-ups, squats, pull-ups … TRX – the best functional workout

trx2   TRX slika 4


Iron ball with the gripper, different size and weight, provides specific functional training, with heavy emphasis on proper technique in order to achieve ideal movement that will engage most muscles (core, legs, shoulder). Perform the exercises as well as swinging single-arm snatch, windmill, single-arm front squat, single-arm shoulder press …

images    10-24-crossfit-kettlebell-snatch   images (1)


Tire of wooden logs slotted for tongs, with different weight. An interesting set of exercises lifting, throwing, drawing will simulate movements that engage a large number of muscles.

mens_fitness_14941   mens_fitness_14956


Long and heavy ropes will simulate the movements that are mainly used on board, and this will be perhaps the most interesting props but not the easiest. Cords require good endurance and is mainly used to improve the same. You can use one or both at the same time, the length of about 10 meters each. The exercises are performed mainly for up to 30 seconds, because of  high intensity.

ropes-workout   wilde-seile,44116_m_n

Weight and herself efficiency of functional training depending on: size and weight of equipment, then the speed of execution and duration of the exercise, the number of exercises, number of cells or circuits and breaks that are right in between. Since functional training requires activation of the whole musculature, training should be intense but brief to avoid excessive stress to the body, which can lead to overtraining.

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