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SUPPLEMENTS – what to take, what to skip

A frequently asked question is what customers should take for weight loss, muscle mass, recovery… in order to progress in training process. Most in fact seeking a shortcut to success through “adequate” supplementation. We will try to explain this phenomenon through the upcoming text.

We shall pay more attention to recreation and people who do not have much experience with training, nutrition and supplementation, and they who would have to devote a little more intense physical activity. We assume that those who are a little longer in fitness industry, know the effects of this supplement on the human body and how they should be consumed.

Pharma industry, which includes the production of supplements for a training, course aimed to sell more products. So than when you walk into a store that sells supplements, you do not know what to look before you buy something, and a majority of them is effectively moot. There are very few things that actually do have effects. A lot of nutrients such as L-Carnitine ( “increases energy and accelerates the burning fat”) body produced in sufficient quantities – how much can you use it, the body is saturated with carnitine and automatically eliminate excess, so you extra entry will not help in achieving results. The same things is with Fat Burners, which are the most commonly asked question. Most of them contain a large dose of caffeine or ephedrine that can cause unwanted effects and special effects on the heart. A large number of products have a negative effect on the liver, especially for beginners in which body has not created a strong defensive position on the introduction of new nutrients in large quantities.

Supplementation for recovering the body, especially the muscles after intense training certainly makes sense, as prevention of catabolism, degradation of muscle fibers, regeneration and recovery of the same. This includes Proteins that we have in different flavors and shapes. Glutamine (amino acid that is used for binding proteins in the muscles and prevent catabolism), BCAA (essential amino acids), Omega 3 fatty acids (reducing bad cholesterol levels) … fall into a desirable form of additional and adequate supplementation for more effective training. For beginners and amateurs the best option is to use a high-quality diet or a diet your body recover from training, prepare the body for the next or decrease the weight and bring his line to perfection. There is a various natural sources of vitamins, minerals, protein, caffeine…

Think with your head, find out the right places with the right experts, develop a plan and program of activities and diet, and be persistent in achieving goals. Remember everything takes time and patience, and that every shortcut has negative consequences.

3D BODY SCANNING and FITNESS – Lugano Conference

Imao sa čast da prisustvujem i budem deo organizacije najprestižnije 3D Body Scanning Konferencije, koja se održala prošlog meseca u Švajcarskoj u gradu Luganu, u organizaciji kompanije Hometrica Consulting. Renomirane firme iz svih delova sveta kao i razni Univerziteti imali su priliku da predstave svoje projekte i inovacije na polju 3D Body Scanning Tehnologija. Primena ovih tehnologija je posebno zastupljena u medicini, plastičnoj hirurgiji, modi, tekstilnoj industriji, filmu… ali za mene i za ovaj portal najbitnijoj oblasti Fitnesu, Zdravlju i Sportu. Ukratko ćemo u ovom tekstu predstaviti najinteresantnije inovacije i budućnost 3d Body Skenera.

I had the honor to attend and be a part of organization one of the prestigious 3D Body Scanning Conference, which was held last month in Switzerland in Lugano, organized by Hometrica Consulting. Renowned companies from all over the world as well as various universities had the opportunity to present their projects and innovations in the field of 3D Body Scanning Technology. The application of these technologies is particularly represented in medicine, plastic surgery, fashion, textiles, film … but for me and for this portal the most important field is Fitness, Health and Sports. We briefly in this paper to present the most interesting innovations and the future of 3D Body Scanner.

Između ostalih, izdvojila su se predavanja (the lecture is): 

  • Adapted Performance Sportswear – FTI Lab, University College Ghent, Ghent, Belgium 
  • Towards Developing a Method for Identifying Static Compression Levels of Seamless Sports Bras using 3D Body Scanning – Adriana C. GOREA, Fatma BAYTAR Iowa State University, Ames (IA), USA 
  • Changes in the Volume and Circumference of the Torso, Leg and Arm after Cycling in the Heat Determined Using 3D Whole Body Scanners –  Department of Human Movement Sciences, Faculty of Behaviour and Movement Sciences, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, MOVE Research Institute Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • A Parametric Model of Shoulder Articulation for Virtual Assessment of Space Suit Fit –  NASA Johnson Space Center, TX, USA 
  • The Cycle of the Shape Descriptor Suite: When do People Become Overweight? –  Novaptus Systems Inc., Chesapeake VA, USA; 2 The Hague Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center, Norfolk VA, USA 
  • Analysis of Tight Fit Clothing 3D Construction –  University of Zagreb, Faculty of Textile Technology, Zagreb, Croatia; 2 University of Maribor, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Maribor, Slovenia 

Pored predavanja održala se i praktična prezentacija skenera i njihova primena. Vodeće svetske kompanije kao što su BOTSPOT, SIZESTREAM, CAESAR, STYKU i druge su predstavile i pokazale kako se upotrebljavaju skeneri i koje benefite na ljudski organizam imaju, kroz poboljšanje performansi kod sportista do konstantnih i učestalih praćenja promena u organizmu kod rekreativaca (procenat telesnih masti, količinu vode, obime delova tela, visceralne masti i rizik od srčanih oboljenja, gustina kostiju, telesna težina…). Skeneri mogu na osnovu dobijenih parametara i učestalosti fizičke aktivnosti, da veoma precizno predvide nivo napredka i vreme za koje se mogu ostvariti zadati ciljevi. Veoma precizni rezultati i snimci pomoću mikro kamera mogu pomoći profesionalnim sportistima: kod mišićnog disbalansa, kod oporavka, kod preciznog izvođenja zadatog pokreta i unapređenja tehnike izvođenja.

In addition to lectures took place and practical presentation scanners and their applications. Leading global companies such as BOTSPOT, SIZESTREAM, CAESAR, INTERFACE and others are presented and shown how to use scanners and benefits on the human body they have, by improving the performance of athletes to constant and frequent monitoring of changes in the organism with the amateurs (percentage of body fat , the amount of water, volumes parts of the body, visceral fat and risk of heart disease, bone density, body weight …). Scanners can be based on the parameters and frequency of physical activity, envisages very precise level of progress and the time for which they can achieve set goals. Very accurate results and capture using micro cameras can help professional athletes: for muscle imbalances, for recovery, higher precision in performing a given movement, and improving the techniques involved.

Poseban utisak je ostavila kompanija BOTSPOT sa svojim OPTAone modelom koji ima mogućnost da u komori snima objekte od najsitnijih do veoma velikih dimenzija (min 80 x 80 x 80 mms do max 2200 x 1200 x 1200 mms), rezolucija max 16k, vreme skeniranja  0,01 sec, 64 senzora, 2 x 32 po 20,4 MPS sa 30 x optičkim zumom. Cela konstrukcija košta oko 150.000 evra i statična je tako da sportisti nakon testa naprezanja u roku od 15ak minuta dolaze na skeniranje u prostoriju gde je skener smešten. Na slici možete pogledati kako skener izgleda.

A special impression left a company BOTSPOT with OPTAone model that has the ability to shoot subjects in the chamber from the smallest to the very large size (80 x 80 min x 80 mms max 2200 x 1200 x 1200 mms), 16k max resolution, scan time 0, 01 sec, 64 sensors, 2 x 32 to 20.4 MPS with 30 x optical zoom. The entire construction will cost about 150,000 euros, platform is static so athletes after test within 15 minutes come to scan room. On the picture you can see how a scanner looks.


Zaključak je da je 3D Body Scanning budućnost, da će se sve više i više primenjivati u raznim oblastima a posebno u Zdravlju, Fitnesu i Sportu. Ove tehnologije iz dana u dan rastu i razvijaju se i pretenduju da postanu deo svakodnevnih naših aktivnosti. Lakše ćemo doći do cilja ako preciznije znamo šta i kako treba da radimo!

The conclusion is that the 3D Body Scanning is future, it will be more and more applied in various fields especially in health, fitness and sports. These technologies day by day grow and develop and aspire to become part of our everyday activities. It helps to reach our goal if you know precisely what to do and how to do!


Ski season is starting. Are you ready for skiing? How your body is ready for this, as some call it light recreational activity, but skiing is much more than that. Find out in this article the most important issues related to the preparation for skiing and evaluate your ability to avoid injuries which are increasingly common due to inadequate preparation.

I have personally witnessed how unprepared the body for strenuous ski days, there are serious consequences for violations, and another failed winter ski vacation SHOULDER DISLOCATION AND RECOVERY-my story. Muscle fatigue, lack of stamina, concentration and other disadvantages are the main cause of crashes with serious consequences. Experiences and experts say the biggest enemy is muscle fatigue for skiing, and it is responsible for many ski injuries. The data shows that during the seven-day ski break, on Wednesday and Thursday, going on the greatest number of falls and accidents, especially in the afternoon! When you falls the most common injury is knee injury, as a result of crossing skis (anterior cruciate ligament injuries with almost 10-15% frequency), next one is dislocations of shoulder, injuries collarbone, hip injuries and others. Such injuries can permanently prevent you ski or may result in chronic pain and problems throughout life.

There are basic principles and principles of training on how to prepare your body for the efforts that follow the ski vacation. Basic components of the preparation are: Cardiovascular Training, Functional Strength Training, Flexibility Training, Balance and Proprioception Exercise, Specific Ski and Plyometric Training.

Preparation and training should start from 6 to 10 weeks before the holiday. Cardio training consists a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio exercise with a change of pace from 2 to 3 times a week: bike, running, rowing … If you can not endure the intensity for 30 minutes, insert a pause of 1 to 2 minutes between activities than 3 minutes. Functional strength training is strengthen the entire kinetic chain represents a functional simulation of movements in skiing. Individually perform exercises and movements (jumps, steps forward, kettlebell, ropes, a combination of push-ups, pull-ups and burpees) and later assembly into one unit will prepare your body for similar tasks that await you on the track. Flexibility training is compulsory and represents a very important static and dynamic stretching torso and legs in preparation for skiing. Your body will be more flexible and less susceptible to injury collisions and falls. Stretching after worm up and after functional training and strength training! Training of Proprioception and Balance. Dynamic equilibrium must control the balance in body movement while skiing. The basic ski movements and techniques involve transferring weight from one foot to the other, and a balance through exercise proprioception that provides better control of movement in the knee (T plates, plate with a semi-sphere, cylinders of different sizes, SLACKLINE – wide band stretched between two supports, INTO BOARD – slab roller, BOSU ball) is fixed for safe skiing. Specific ski and Plyometric Training simulates real ski movements, develops explosive power of legs and CORE muscle (strengthening the abdominal wall, rotator troops and lumbar). Through the basics of exercise squats and jumps with the load to the cables for more faithful simulation of a particular ski position.

Active stabilizers of the knee are the most important when it comes to strengthening the muscle and prevention of skiing injuries. Include:

extensors of knee – the quadriceps

hamstrings, flexors of knee – hamstrings bits: muscle biceps femoris, semitendinosus, semimembranosus

adductor and abductors of leg – large, long and short adductor, muscle gracialis

Here you can look at the examples of exercises, for more information and an appointment please contact mail


Very common sports injury that can result in a problem in the shoulder part throughout all your career. As I pulled my shoulder while skiing just a few months before going to work as a fitness instructor in Dubai, my full recovery and return to the gym, will be the topic of today’s text.

In short we will go through the anatomy of the shoulder part, the concept and the types of dislocation of the shoulder joint. Shoulder hoop consists of 4 joints that connect 4 bones. Specifically shoulder joint bind the two bones: the humerus and scapula. Joint is securing firm tissue, known as ligaments. Shoulder joint is also secure by deltoid muscles and tendons. This joint is the most mobile joint in the human body and thus the most likely to cause most complicated injuries. Dislocation occurs after separation joint parts after some force. Depending on the direction of the shoulder dislocation, there are: front (among the 90% of all dislocations), rear and bottom dislocations. Due to the dislocation of degradation and stretching the ligaments that hold the joint, or in severe cases leads to the tearing of ligaments.

After signing the contract for the fitness company from Dubai and waiting to finish the paperwork and visas in order to make the journey, in the meantime, I decided to go in January, on Olympic mountain Jahorina for skiing. As a good and experienced skier, for me it’s supposed to be a relaxing holiday before working trip. Turns out it was not. 3 days of fog, cold weather did not stop me to open and close the wire on the track, what i always did. 4th day and a beautiful sunny morning promised it will be a beautiful skiing day. After a couple of slope in the morning at one moment I split off from the team and started alone to ski. A small error and high speed caused huge inertia, rolling and fall on head and right shoulder at one time. The vertical drop and strong shock caused the internal dislocation of the shoulder which was concluded by an Englishman, random skier who skied here and stopped to help me, he is a doctor by profession. Ski-do is came for me, and on the way to a small clinics I did not remember anything because of pain. Upon arrival the doctor and after removal equipment from me scene it was terrible, right shoulder almost did not exist, even hoped in a hand movement was impossible. Proposal is to send me in Sarajevo hospital, because the case was complicated. I told the doctor that the pain is not a problem I can tolerate that, just ask him to try to return the shoulder. With the great fear, which I felt at his behavior, he put me on the bed and almost with the principle of the lever at a mechanic’s, he move shoulder back into place. Satisfaction was mutual, he put me the triangle and bandage, and the next 4 days hotel was the only place I spent time where I had a lot of time to reading and analyze this form of injury.

After i get at home i saw the mail where it said that 1. April will be my first working day in Dubai so i need to be there. So i have to two months in order to be able to work or simply cancel the long-awaited job. Head of the hospital, which was considered like the best experts in this field, told me that is happiness that I only stretch the ligaments and the best way to get everything back is to practice BREASTSTROKE SWIMMING at the pool. Hand I could not lift more than 20 cm from the body, it was all tight with every move and the pain was strong. Initially the pool’s right hand almost had a 10% function. Water is becoming more and more strained tendon and weaken the entire joint inflammation. Arm was more mobile, water is massaged and also help to moderate movements regain function. Progress has been significant. 1st of April, I was in Dubai at the end of the same month I lifted 100kg in the bench press which meant the end of my complete recovery and return to the scene 🙂

Recovery prognoses were that I would need six months to rehabilitate the injury, which i almost achieved in less than 3 months. Breaststroke Swimming without any medications, creams and treatments showed a large positive effect for the rehabilitation of the shoulder dislocation injuries.


The vacation time, holidays, sea, beach and lying is passed. The period of winter food, cold days, depressing rain and poor movement of your body is coming. Now it’s time to start with a light workout to prepare your body more easily and implemented for the upcoming year and summer. And here’s why …

Family Doing Situps While Watching TV

Full length of family doing situps while watching TV at home

It is wonderful when the client comes to me in April and say, is great we have two months to lose weight and prepare body for summer. A fact is, his brought 20,000 extra calories in the winter and get 10 kilograms overweight, because it was cold period without activities, he was overtaken by holidays and celebration … well, it can all be caloric possible with an allowance if you start at the wright time, NOW, with training twice a week, maintain weight, keep the speed of your metabolism and calorie consumption, and we can see each oder on spring and for two months make your body so nice that all will turn on you at the beach.

It’s all a matter of habit. My experience working in the world as a personal trainer shows that the lot of people have habit of exercise during all year. They do not kill themselves with training two months before summer, they continuously used body on effort, which was mild, for example, compared to a few months of intense exercise 4 times a week to make six pack for the beach. Sudden changes from passive over the winter to a very active state of the organism before the summer cause serious injuries, tendinitis, sprains and tearing ligaments and overtraining. Fast walk, run, hiking, biking when the weather allows it. When is cold, fitness center and lightweight functional and circuit training for 45 minutes, that activities should begin now. Who likes to ski, the season starts in a few months and then make sure that you do not put on weight because of the knee suffering, a pain in muscles and legs due to overweight are inevitable.

Constant maintenance of your fitness level by just 2 sessions per week throughout the year, you will not need high intensive training before summer. In the spring, just insert a third training during the week and your body will be ready and taut. Metabolism will not slow down during the winter, stay active, you entered using the calories that will not settle in fat, you will be more mobile, less apathetic and depressed because of the cold and bad weather. The point of a healthy and quality lifestyle and diet is not a waiver, is only moderate consumption of food and frequent physical activity!

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