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Traveling around the world, I noticed that the bikes is became more common as a form of recreation or as a main means of transport. It does not matter who is the layer of the population concerned, starting from students to the director, the case is the former mayor of London, their daily tasks and distance perform by cycling. It seems to me that people are slowly realizing the benefits of this means of transport: no crowds, park where ever you want, preferably assemble your bike and take in hand, a great form of recreation and most importantly saving. In this article we will deal with cycling as a form of recreation, lifestyle and benefits to the human body.

I’m glad to see that people are more and more riding bicycles, especially in larger cities. An excellent example is Switzerland, where despite the hilly and mountainous parts, each part of the country is crisscrossed by cycling paths, so if you have the stamina and time you do not need a car. Although it all depends on the weather conditions, but today under the onslaught of industrialization and production of new materials and types of clothing biking is available and possible everywhere. Thinner tires wider tires, a smaller or larger frame, larger or smaller transfer, material preparation, now it’s all available to make it easier to overcome the field in which you are driving. For those with a little poorer fitness level or high age there is the help of electric motors and easier driving and mastering the climb.

As a form of recreation cycling firstly presents an enjoyment of nature and terms, as well as activity in the fresh air, which is very important for all body functions. Strengthening the lower extremities, especially the quadriceps and calf, shaping muscle, fat loss, weight loss, accelerate metabolism, improve endurance and stamina, improved cardiovascular and respiratory organs, improve blood circulation, reduce mental stress, by time make reduction in heart rate at rest – the heart works slower, more efficient and more productive, the heart muscle makes stronger …all of this is advantages for this type of activity. With bike distance that can pass are truly impressive.

Depending on your condition and fitness level, it is best to ride a bike every day for one to two hours. In such a long process after a certain time (after 20 minutes of activity) there will be degradation of fats. With a lower pulse, 130 beats per minute, drive will be longer and degradation of fat better. If is pulse higher around 160 beats per minute the speed is higher, the ability to quickly get tired is more possible, shorter time for degradation of fats, reduce your speed and pulse will go down. Speed that is recommended is about 20 km / h.

Get a reliable bike, price is irrelevant because it is all in the legs and endurance, in the case of a long drive need to get the bike windscreens, because after the first hour you will feel the pain of sitting, get a comfortable seat, sunglasses for insects, a bottle of water with you always, and of course music that will break the monotony of pedaling. And a very important thing in society is riding a bike is always interesting, because cycling is a collective sport!


Since hotter and boiling days is coming, cardio exercise (running, cycling …) is not recommended when temperatures are high. We have to choose the time when to run, morning or evening, when temperatures are suitable. There is a cardio workout that is very suitable for the high temperature, you can practice all day, and it is very topical for the summer holidays, it is SWIMMING. In this article, we’ll clear up some little things about swimming, and also how you can lose weight and sculpt your body by swimming.

First to say that swimming, in the judgment of experts and the research, falls into one of the most difficult sports, next to the MMA, Rowing, Rugby and others. Swimming is an activity where it consumes approximately twice as many calories than other activities. Depending on the style and intensity of swimming style consumption ranges from 8 to 15 kcal per minute. Swimming engage the entire musculature, and all parts of the body (arms, legs, abdominal wall, CORE, back, shoulder), and also overcomes the resistance of the water. Time and strengthen the muscles of the shoulder and back especially for Butterfly style.

Losing weight and shaping the body for swimming occurs cyclically and gradually. By strengthening muscles, increasing the consumption of calories to activity itself and through an accelerated metabolism and greater calorie consumption through a stronger muscle, leads to consequences that calories are consumed rapidly, reducing the pounds, fat removed and the whole body shapes. Swimming style, intensity and duration of activity also is affects. Butterfly style is certainly the most challenging but also the most effective in strengthening the body, while the style Breaststroke requires less power but can longer be practiced which will in time result in higher consumption of calories. Natural free and backstroke swimming stile are very effective and recommended.

How to Swim. If you are a beginner you should start slowly and gradually. That means 30 seconds of swimming and 30 seconds of rest. Increase the active phase and reduce the break until you reach that you can swim for 40 minutes without stopping. Once you reach this level of swimming for 30 to 40 minutes 4 to 5 times a week. Another important thing is breathing, which must be in line with the movements and swimming techniques that will facilitate propulsion – slipping through the water. The third thing is proper and essential nutrients rich diet in order to have enough power for the activity and enough material for recovery. And of course the definition of weight loss: burn more calories than you consume.

Swimming is mostly harder than other fitness activities. In about 60 minutes of swimming, you can spend from 800 to 1000 kcal, depending on your weight and exertion. The good side of swimming is to increase endurance and stamina. You will not believe how much better user you when you go to run or indulge in an activity on land. On summer you can swim whenever you want, all day, on all water surfaces with conditions, and a very important thing without sweating and dehydration of the body.

Swimming has another advantage in strengthening the CORE muscles, especially in the injury and recovery, because water favors the relief of the body and certain parts. Special boast swimming, from my personal experience, especially with the style Breaststroke recovering from shoulder injury, dislocation of the shoulder joint and torn leagues. On skiing I had serious shoulder injury dislocations and fully stretched ligaments, after only two months breaststroke swimming stile on the bench press I raised the weight of 100 Kg.

As a longtime member of the rescue service and lifeguard team at one of most dangerous beach on the Danube in Novi Sad – Serbia, and the beach during the EXIT Festival, can boast a good experience and a good knowledge gained through training and experts from whom I had the opportunity to learn. And also Swimming was one of the most favorite exam to me, at the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education.

TRX – the best functional workout

Današnji fitnes se zasniva na što jednostavnijim ali što funkcionalnijim treninzima koji pogađaju čitavu mišićnu muskulaturu. TRX predstavlja jednu prostu ali veoma efikasnu i funkcionalnu spravu koja će angažovati sve mišiće tela uz preko 300 kombinovanih vežbi. U ovom članku ćemo se pozabaviti najefikasnijim vežbama na TRX-u.

Today’s fitness is based on as simple and functional training that affect the whole muscle musculature. TRX is one simple but very effective and functional device that will engage all muscles of the body, with more than 300 combined exercises. In this article we will address the most effective exercises on TRX.


TRX se sastoji iz dva kraka na kojima se na kraju nalaze ručke. Kraci se podešavaju po dužini i time se opseg pokreta povećava ili smanjuje. To je jako bitno kod osoba različite utreniranosti kako bi trening prilagodili prema svakome. Vežbe se izvode samo uz korišćenje vaše telesne težine, i pod određenim uglom koje vaše telo zauzima prema TRX-u ili podlozi dozira se težina vežbe.

TRX is consists of two arms, on which at the end are handles located. Spokes are adjusted in length and thereby the range of motion increases or decreases. It is very important for people of different well trained to adapt training to everyone. The exercises are performed using only your body weight, and at a certain angle to your body takes to the TRX or medium dosed weight exercises.

Prednosti TRX-a:

  • napredak u performansama uz pomoć telesne težine
  • visokointenzivni treninzi koje pospešuju sagorevanje masti i definisanje vaše muskulature
  • izvrstan trening za jačanje CORE mišića
  • izgrađujete odličnu stabilnost, mobilnost i fleksibilnost vašeg tela
  • povećavate vašu izdržljivost
  • odličan kod rehabilitacija i oporavka od povreda
  • izolacija i jačanje specifičnih mišića
  • lako prenosiv i lak za montiranje

Advantages of TRX:

  • advances in performance with just your body weight
  • high-intensity training that enhances fat burning and define your muscles
  • great workout for strengthening CORE muscles
  • build excellent stability, mobility and flexibility of your body
  • increases your endurance
  • excellent for injuries recovery and rehabilitation
  • insulation and strengthening specific muscle
  • easily portable and easy to mount

Sada ćemo vam predstaviti dva seta vežbi koje su najefikasnije i najčeće se izvode na TRX-u. Ujedno su namenjene i za početnike i za one koji su već utrenirani.

Now we will present two sets of exercises that are most effective and most commonly performed on TRX. They are also designed for both, beginners and for those who are already trained.



Pokušajte da svaku vežbu izvedete što pravilnije kako bi angažovali deo tela za koji je vežba specifično namenjena. Vežbe se mogu izvoditi 30 sec između svake je pauza 15 sec u 4 runde ili kruga između kojih je pauza 1 min. Ovakav funkcionalni trening će sagoreti puno kalorija a ujedno ojačati vašu muskulaturu, ubrzati metabolizam i poboljšati vaše performanse.

Try to perform each exercise as correctly as possible, to engage part of the body which exercise is specifically intended. Exercises can be run 30 seconds, between each the rest is 15 seconds in a 4 round between them rest is 1 min. This kind of functional training will burn a lot of calories and also strengthen your muscles, speed up metabolism and improve your performance.


The action mechanism of caffeine, whether positive or negative influence on the organism, what is effect on physical activity, and a couple of interesting questions, we will discuss in the following text . Caffeine is a natural alkaloid, which is derived from coffee beans, tea leaves and from the cocoa grain. It is adds in artificial beverages like Coca Cola. He is a natural psyhostimulant and they have affects at the central nervous system.



The positive side of caffeine

% of nutrients in a cup of coffee: Vitamin B12 11%, 6% Vitamin B5, Vitamin B1 2%, Vitamin B3 2%, 3% Magnesium, Phosphorus 1%. Coffee contains small amounts of vitamins but is a powerful antioxidant.

It is not clear why caffeine has ergogenic effects obvious, and if there is a hypothesis that it stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and increases the consumption of fatty acids, thereby sparing limited glycogen stores in the muscles and liver. As a central nervous system stimulant, caffeine can reduce the feeling of fatigue, enabling the extended duration of action and improving athletic performance. Finally, caffeine plays a significant role in the release of calcium ions from the sarcoplasmic reticulum in muscle cells. This in turn can lead to stimulation of a stronger muscle contraction, especially during anaerobic sports and sports power. However, recent studies suggest that if you increase the intake of free fatty acids and caffeine intake at the same time, there will be an increase in their oxidation or saving glycogen. Competitive advantage seems to be primarily related to the role of caffeine to stimulate the central nervous system. During endurance sports, caffeine is proven to reduce the feeling of fatigue, increases concentration and attention, while during strength training, or short bursts of activity, caffeine acts as a facilitator contraction of skeletal muscle.

The negative side of caffeine

Users may become dependent on caffeine, with to much consumption. While is low and moderate, it doses generally safe. Those who abruptly stop consuming caffeine, and before they were addicts, start to have a problems with headaches and mental fatigue. This condition lasts for several days while the body is start to use to it.


Intake a lot of caffeine, causes increased nervousness and sleep disorders. This has the consequence that, due to the introduction of caffeine to reduce daily fatigue leads to insomnia. Caffeine affects negatively interact with some drugs. It increases blood sugar levels, making a real problem for people who have Type 2 diabetes and insulin control. People who have high blood pressure and diabetes should avoid caffeine. Studies say that women who drank more than 3 cups of coffee (300 mg caffeine) a day, leading to loss of bone mass in the spine, during postmenopause. A lack of calcium in the bones. Caffeine can also lead to stomach problems due to heartburn and stomach acid.


Classical forms of training in the gym more and more becoming extinct, unless you are bodybuilder, preference is given various combinations of cardio, circular, functional training … Today we explore the concept of functional training and give some examples of exercises and way of performing.


The roots of functional training come from the application of rehabilitation. Therapists use this form of rehabilitation to restore the regularity of certain movements in patients, the name functional is because they were used to install the proper and independent movement that before was irregular in the midst of an injury or surgery. They were movements that were used in everyday life, movements that have a function in everyday activities. So in sport we doing some part of exercise and movements which are typical for a particular action that is constantly practiced in a particular sport or physical activity.

The benefits of functional training is better joint mobility and stability of the whole body. Improving these factors reduce the possibility of misconduct. Although the machines at the gym seem safer, they actually limit the degree of movement and thus do not involve stabilize muscle of movement, but only a certain muscle that is rightly triggered. As a result, it takes a lot of time to strengthen all the muscles, which is not the case with functional exercises where they require a lot of different and large muscle groups.

Basics of functional training. Choose a couple of exercises from 2 to 8, it represents a one circle in training. Training should have from 2 to 4 laps. The exercises are performed with the shortest breaks, and between parts of the training is pause of 2 to 6 minutes. Pause can be active, skipping rope, running or something else. The number of repetitions of exercises can be fixed and may be limited in time, Ex. 4 exercise, each running 30 seconds submaximal intensity followed by a break of 4 minutes and moving into a new round. In essence, combine themselves but by following these guidelines.

Examples of exercises





Very important thing is to determine the intensity of training to withstand the whole session and not interrupted in half because you increase the intensity from the beginning. Also, pulse and control over the belt and hours or simply checking on artery on the neck, should be frequent during breaks. Functional training requires high endurance and strength, it also features the upgraded and improved.

Equipment used in functional training may be different, but I can run and exercise without apparatus. About them we have been already discussed in this Text: TOP 5 PROPS FOR FUNCTIONAL TRAINING

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