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3D BODY SCANNING and FITNESS – Lugano Conference

Imao sa čast da prisustvujem i budem deo organizacije najprestižnije 3D Body Scanning Konferencije, koja se održala prošlog meseca u Švajcarskoj u gradu Luganu, u organizaciji kompanije Hometrica Consulting. Renomirane firme iz svih delova sveta kao i razni Univerziteti imali su priliku da predstave svoje projekte i inovacije na polju 3D Body Scanning Tehnologija. Primena ovih tehnologija je posebno zastupljena u medicini, plastičnoj hirurgiji, modi, tekstilnoj industriji, filmu… ali za mene i za ovaj portal najbitnijoj oblasti Fitnesu, Zdravlju i Sportu. Ukratko ćemo u ovom tekstu predstaviti najinteresantnije inovacije i budućnost 3d Body Skenera.

I had the honor to attend and be a part of organization one of the prestigious 3D Body Scanning Conference, which was held last month in Switzerland in Lugano, organized by Hometrica Consulting. Renowned companies from all over the world as well as various universities had the opportunity to present their projects and innovations in the field of 3D Body Scanning Technology. The application of these technologies is particularly represented in medicine, plastic surgery, fashion, textiles, film … but for me and for this portal the most important field is Fitness, Health and Sports. We briefly in this paper to present the most interesting innovations and the future of 3D Body Scanner.

Između ostalih, izdvojila su se predavanja (the lecture is): 

  • Adapted Performance Sportswear – FTI Lab, University College Ghent, Ghent, Belgium 
  • Towards Developing a Method for Identifying Static Compression Levels of Seamless Sports Bras using 3D Body Scanning – Adriana C. GOREA, Fatma BAYTAR Iowa State University, Ames (IA), USA 
  • Changes in the Volume and Circumference of the Torso, Leg and Arm after Cycling in the Heat Determined Using 3D Whole Body Scanners –  Department of Human Movement Sciences, Faculty of Behaviour and Movement Sciences, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, MOVE Research Institute Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • A Parametric Model of Shoulder Articulation for Virtual Assessment of Space Suit Fit –  NASA Johnson Space Center, TX, USA 
  • The Cycle of the Shape Descriptor Suite: When do People Become Overweight? –  Novaptus Systems Inc., Chesapeake VA, USA; 2 The Hague Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center, Norfolk VA, USA 
  • Analysis of Tight Fit Clothing 3D Construction –  University of Zagreb, Faculty of Textile Technology, Zagreb, Croatia; 2 University of Maribor, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Maribor, Slovenia 

Pored predavanja održala se i praktična prezentacija skenera i njihova primena. Vodeće svetske kompanije kao što su BOTSPOT, SIZESTREAM, CAESAR, STYKU i druge su predstavile i pokazale kako se upotrebljavaju skeneri i koje benefite na ljudski organizam imaju, kroz poboljšanje performansi kod sportista do konstantnih i učestalih praćenja promena u organizmu kod rekreativaca (procenat telesnih masti, količinu vode, obime delova tela, visceralne masti i rizik od srčanih oboljenja, gustina kostiju, telesna težina…). Skeneri mogu na osnovu dobijenih parametara i učestalosti fizičke aktivnosti, da veoma precizno predvide nivo napredka i vreme za koje se mogu ostvariti zadati ciljevi. Veoma precizni rezultati i snimci pomoću mikro kamera mogu pomoći profesionalnim sportistima: kod mišićnog disbalansa, kod oporavka, kod preciznog izvođenja zadatog pokreta i unapređenja tehnike izvođenja.

In addition to lectures took place and practical presentation scanners and their applications. Leading global companies such as BOTSPOT, SIZESTREAM, CAESAR, INTERFACE and others are presented and shown how to use scanners and benefits on the human body they have, by improving the performance of athletes to constant and frequent monitoring of changes in the organism with the amateurs (percentage of body fat , the amount of water, volumes parts of the body, visceral fat and risk of heart disease, bone density, body weight …). Scanners can be based on the parameters and frequency of physical activity, envisages very precise level of progress and the time for which they can achieve set goals. Very accurate results and capture using micro cameras can help professional athletes: for muscle imbalances, for recovery, higher precision in performing a given movement, and improving the techniques involved.

Poseban utisak je ostavila kompanija BOTSPOT sa svojim OPTAone modelom koji ima mogućnost da u komori snima objekte od najsitnijih do veoma velikih dimenzija (min 80 x 80 x 80 mms do max 2200 x 1200 x 1200 mms), rezolucija max 16k, vreme skeniranja  0,01 sec, 64 senzora, 2 x 32 po 20,4 MPS sa 30 x optičkim zumom. Cela konstrukcija košta oko 150.000 evra i statična je tako da sportisti nakon testa naprezanja u roku od 15ak minuta dolaze na skeniranje u prostoriju gde je skener smešten. Na slici možete pogledati kako skener izgleda.

A special impression left a company BOTSPOT with OPTAone model that has the ability to shoot subjects in the chamber from the smallest to the very large size (80 x 80 min x 80 mms max 2200 x 1200 x 1200 mms), 16k max resolution, scan time 0, 01 sec, 64 sensors, 2 x 32 to 20.4 MPS with 30 x optical zoom. The entire construction will cost about 150,000 euros, platform is static so athletes after test within 15 minutes come to scan room. On the picture you can see how a scanner looks.


Zaključak je da je 3D Body Scanning budućnost, da će se sve više i više primenjivati u raznim oblastima a posebno u Zdravlju, Fitnesu i Sportu. Ove tehnologije iz dana u dan rastu i razvijaju se i pretenduju da postanu deo svakodnevnih naših aktivnosti. Lakše ćemo doći do cilja ako preciznije znamo šta i kako treba da radimo!

The conclusion is that the 3D Body Scanning is future, it will be more and more applied in various fields especially in health, fitness and sports. These technologies day by day grow and develop and aspire to become part of our everyday activities. It helps to reach our goal if you know precisely what to do and how to do!


Recently, one wise man wrote: people want to lose weight, BUT IF IS POSSIBLE TO NOT EXERCISE AND TO CONTINUE TO EAT THE SAME AMOUNT THE FOOD. THAT THING EXPLAIN A LOT WHEN YOU COPY TO OTHER ASPECTS OF LIFE. Today we have article about the relationship between diet and workout, then what is the role of sacrifice and perseverance, what is the tactics in training, truth, reasons, causes and consequences …

As we have previously reminded the caloric deficit, mean spend more calories than what you entered and thus lose weight. The energy that is consumed must be repaid only in the form of nutrients (protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals) that are consumed and broken down during exercise, so body need to be quickly recovered and the cells restored. Compensating for consumed energy, introduction of calories burned along with the phrase “I was practicing very hard so now I can eat a lot and everything”, you enter more calories that will be not burned, but this only prolongs the period of achieving the target. Most important is, the food need to contains a sufficient percentage of protein and complex hydrates with low values ​​of calories that will compensate the degraded matter, and also to encourage the body uses fat as a result of caloric deficit.

The values ​​of consumed energy range of 1.2 kcal per minute during the rest, to more than 20 kcal per minute during intensive activity. Which means that if you are a beginner and consumes an average of 10 kcal per minute, this is just 600 calories in an hour of training, which is half meal in McD. This shows how little the ratio is of energy consumed in training and the energy input on classical food. Today it is said that the relationship between DIET and WORKOUT as a percentage of 80:20 in favor of nutrition, if we want to reach certain results. The data and experience tells us that, professional athletes in body fitness or bikini models, to achieve the desired figure, in the final preparations they have only 3 sessions per week, and the rest is food and tactics when and what nutrients should be consumed.

Exercise is very helpful in terms of speeding up metabolism, blood circulation, healthy airways, vitality, tight muscles and healthy ligaments, joints and bones. These are the benefits of exercise, which will be given to the regulation of feeding results.

The determination and compliance advice and guidance to give by trainers, is the most important thing for certain success. Period for achieving results can be very short if you are focused on the target, otherwise, in violation of the rules, only dispose of success, to whom might never come. It depends on you!



In today’s world it is a lot argued what is the role of testosterone, how to increase T level in the body, what is the healthy ways to do this. The survey found that people due to lifestyle and diet have a reduced secretion of this hormone, which has a very important function on our body. In the following, we will give some helpful information and answer some questions.


Today, the research found that the Japanese age of 100 years had higher levels of testosterone than Americans age of 30 years. With reduced level this hormone leads to chronic fatigue, reduce male libido, lose muscle mass, increase percentage of body fat, decreased bone mass, hair loss, low volume of semen, mood swings. The level of testosterone decreases with age, and over 40% of men, over 45 age, are the group at risk for this problem.


Natural ways to increase T hormone is:

Ejecting dietary sugar. The average American takes 12 teaspoons of sugar a day, and sugar directly reduces the level of T hormone secretion. When you eat foods rich in processed grains and sugar, your blood glucose level becomes elevated. To keep blood sugar levels, the pancreas begins to work overtime to produce insulin, which helps the flow of sugar from the bloodstream into the cells, in order to metabolized for energy. Finally, if your cells are exposed to insulin for a long time, you develop insulin resistance, which causes the occurrence of type II diabetes. Diabetes develops when your body is unable to produce enough testosterone.

Good quality sleep. According to scientific research long enough and timely sleep are the two most important ways to raise the level of T hormone in the blood. Sufficient sleep is 7 hours is recommended, also to be already at 22h going to bed, because sleep quality is the best from 22h to 2h in the morning. Level of the hormone cortisol, which reduces the level of secretion of the hormone T, is placed in the normal frame.

Reduce the level of fat in the body. Weight loss has a predictable and linear relationship with increasing testosterone naturally. When you take into consideration the effect that insulin resistance and poor sleep habits have on testosterone, this makes sense because they are all closely linked to obesity. At the core of this problem is the discharge of processed sugar from the diet, which is associated with insomnia, overweight, diabetes and other negative impacts on the secretion of hormones.

Stress reduction. The problem is when you are chronically stressed, and your body remains stuck in the condition in which the pumping out cortisol (the hormone stress) constantly.

Interval training with a combination of weight training. If you want to naturally increase testosterone and growth hormone, then combine weights with HIIT training (high intensity interval training). Lifting weights 6-12 reps, including large muscle groups will help your body to build more muscle mass. More muscle causes your body to produce more growth hormone. Despite the lifting, interval training with a combination is best for the overall increase growth hormone. It also maintains the level of T hormone. Interval method involves exercise of 90% to 100% of your maximum for short periods, in order to combust stored sugar (glycogen). This helps your body to burn fat in the next 36 hours and replace vital energy stores in your body. In addition to increasing the level of T helps in: lowering heart rate, lower blood pressure, accelerate blood circulation, detoxification by stimulating the lymphatic system.

Increasing the level of T hormone with using protein and healthy fats. Recent studies reveal that high branched chain amino acids (BCAA) significantly increases the level of T hormone and falling hormone cortisol. Recharging can be done in the form of protein shakes or simply increased protein diet (chicken, fish, eggs).

Sunbathing and Vitamin D. Studies show that Vitamin D increases levels of testosterone naturally, in obese men and up to 30%. This is interesting because research shows that vitamin D3 also linked to the prevention and treatment of cancer. Two of the best ways to optimize your vitamin D levels in helping and strengthening the secretion of testosterone are 20 minutes each day sun exposure. This is best done in the morning or afternoon, with exposure to 40% of the parts of the whole body.



And if I’m not an advocate of large muscle mass and excessive muscle today we moved the best way through the food that needs to be applied to increase muscle mass. Increased muscle mass in both recreational, athletes or beginners have a very positive thing. First of all the body and muscle burns calories faster, which speeds up the metabolism of the whole body (the faster you will melt body fat and weight), the other aesthetic looks very nice, and the third might be the most important helps your body in proper posture and gives it vitality and strength. It is not easy to build big muscles so who say i will overbuild my muscle it is wrong. Some facts and suggestions in the text might sound beyond the usual advice, but will be explained why you should applied. This will be useful to anyone who needs to put on quality weight.

So lets start…


The first part means that you need to eat a lot, but the right kind of food, distributed over more meals a day, total you should enter two grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. You will need a lot of carbohydrates to encourage the desire to exercise and ability to recover after a hard workout at the gym. Then you should plan your diet so devise that it contains the very best food for building muscle mass. Now I will introduce to you foods that your nutritional program should include as much as possible.

BEEF. Many mistaken discarded fat from food, thinking that it will increase the level of fat in the body. But with Omega-3 fatty acids in fish, saturated fat in beef actually stimulate growth. Too little saturated fat in the diet does not promote the growth of testosterone and insuluna. Beef is also a source of cholesterol, the main ingredient that helps the body to produce its own testosterone. Beef is also classified as good sources of creatine, B vitamins and zinc. The best options are low fat beef parts

EGGS. There are different ways in which nutritionists treat food on its ability to stimulate growth. Eggs are at the top of almost every list since it is extremely easy absorb- body can very quickly to explain this food into amino acids. Eggs are also rich in healthy fats, saturated fats and lecithin, they help the body to develop muscle mass.Try to avoid the yolk but do not totally excluded from the diet.

SALMON. 100 grams of salmon contains 20 grams of protein, which is equally important, 2.5 g of omega-3 fatty acids, those healthy fats that reduce inflammation of the muscle to stimulate its reconstruction and help in controlling cortisol (as cortisol decreases, the level of testosterone per rule growing, stimulate muscle growth). A diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids also helps that most of the glucose you eat is transported to the muscles rather than deposited as fat.

APPLE JUICE. Extreme exercise in the gym break down muscle. However, the beneficial effects are manifested only later, when the body regenerates and becomes larger than before. Apple juice drunk before training the body supplied with carbohydrates and quickly gives him the necessary energy (for glucose), which is also of long duration (due to fructose). This hampers the creation of cortisol thus decreasing the harmful effects on the muscle fibers.

BUTTERMILK. If you are trying to put on weight, do not drink skim milk or one with low fat. These types are for those on a diet. Around half a liter of whole milk contains 16 grams of protein and 16 g fat. The fat in milk is usually composed of short chains than is the case with fats that are found in other foods. Such fats are slightly anabolic, helping to prevent muscle breakdown, and they are rarely deposited as fat in the body. The fat in milk also help the body absorb vitamin D, which has recently been discovered that reduces the risk of cancers.

WHITE BREAD. You probably know that you should avoid refined carbohydrates because they have less fiber and healthy nutrients, and also raise insulin levels. But white bread is one of the perfect choice of food immediately after completion of the training. Then you need carbohydrates that are rapidly digested to reimbursement level of glycogen in the muscles and stimulated insulin levels in order to achieve muscle growth and to reduce the production of cortisol after training. Two pieces of bread retain 25g carbs are digested very quickly after training.

PASTA. Building muscle requires a lot of carbohydrates as fuel. What is more important is that carbohydrates radically alter protein metabolism by increasing the efficiency with which ingested protein gets into the muscle and stimulate growth. Without carbohydrates you consume protein that does not perform quite as efficiently its job when it comes to stimulating growth. One cup of cooked pasta in the form contains about 45 grams of carbohydrate.

GARLIC. Garlic can dramatically alter the hormones in your body. Growth is associated with the consumption of real macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fat) at the right time of day. But it is also associated with adequate hormonal environment that stimulates growth. Animal studies have shown that garlic in combination with large amounts of protein increases testosterone levels and prevents the degradation of muscle. At the micro level, it is the very definition of the ideal anabolic situation.

YOGURT. Natural yogurt, obtained either from whole milk was than with low fat, falls into a healthy diet. It is best to opt for yogurt that contains active cultures of “good bacteria”. But on the label, do not search on the word bacteria. Instead, look for Lactobacillius acidophilus, L. casei, L. reuteri and Bifidobacterium bifidum. These probiotic bacteria pass through the stomach to red tract where help the body maintain a healthy balance of bacteria that live there. These good bacteria strengthen the immune system which helps in the process of recovery and reduces the formation of agents responsible for inflammation, while increasing the absorption of nutrients. Another very useful ingredient in yogurt is calcium, which controls muscle contraction and can significantly reduce the deposition of fat.

OLIVE OIL. This oil control inflammation in the body, generally associated with better recovery. Olive oil also supports testosterone and, like any other source of fat, calories are what help the body to remain in an anabolic state. Olive oil is also rich and healthy fats.


This text was written on the basis of many years of research and experience, the parts that are scientifically proven and parts taken from many years of experience and top sportsmen and fans of muscles and muscle mass. I think the allegation is substantiated by sufficient evidence and knowledge so that you can start using. And most importantly, everything is natural and without anabolic steroids.


Not so many people know that bad or short and insufficient sleep affects obesity and deposition of excess weight. Stress and hormones that it secretes also affect our weight and body. How, we’ll find out in the following text.



What is cortisol? It is a hormone secreted by the cortex of the adrenal gland in response to stress, and the effect it has on muscle and body is only destructive. To make matters worse, cortisol increases blood sugar and thus the body “saves” fat. Of course, where would you least like to see – around the waist, thighs and so on. If we look at the cyclical rhythm of cortisol, then its concentration is highest in regularly waking up at 10am at 3pm at the beginning of a night’s sleep. Therefore, in these times is very important to bring high-quality nutrients. When the person who is training, cortisol is also at a very high level after training and government catabolic environment. To reduce this effect to a minimum after training should consume carbohydrates with high glycemic index (glucose, maltodextrin) to separate the insulin. This is important for two reasons: insulin acts contrary to cortisol (reduces blood sugar) and glucose, which under its operation into the station opens the “door” to the cell membrane to the building blocks (amino acids from whey proteins that are consumed together with coal hydrates) could rebuild the station. However, the period in which we have the opportunity to stop muscle catabolism and ensure rapid influx of amino acids and renewal energy resources (carbohydrates) is very short and includes the longest hour of the completion of the training.



In fact, if you do not sleep enough leptin – a hormone that controls appetite and affects the production of fat, will be decreases. Low levels of leptin give signals to body that there is a lack of food and increases appetite. This means that the brain receives a message that we need more food, and thus be grown. Most people need between six and eight hours of sleep one night. Studies show that good sleep may limit how many calories humans consume, and that “bad and short daily sleep” can lead to weight gain. If you tend to stay up late into the night and little sleep, these results may be particularly important for you. It turned out that those who going in the bad vary late and bring meals after 22h, get kilograms around stomach more than in the rest parts of the day.

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