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The latest research shows that the longest life expectancy in the world are Japanese. Average Japanese experience 84 years of age. Does it have to do with a traditional diet and lifestyle, which benefits health are traditional Japanese dishes and lots of interesting things about one of the oldest and most advanced civilization, we explain in this article.

Scientists and historians for a years monitored and devote a lot of attention to this very interesting nation. Especially with the advancement of technology and the detection of various diseases, people are increasingly turning to traditional Asian cultures, their way of life and way of treatment, which is certainly worthy of attention. The World Health Organization has found that the Japanese as a nation in the first place when it comes to the lowest rates of obesity in developed countries, with only 3% of overweight, as opposed to America with obesity rates of 33%.

Their way of cooking is based on very sound foundations: raw or steamed food or food prepared in the wok. Such a diet does not contain excess calories, no harmful fats, no use of oils, most of the fish meat that is eaten raw as sushi and sashimi. Source of protein and omega fatty acids are fish and mushrooms, a source hydrate, fiber and vitamins is rice, buckwheat noodles and steamed vegetables. Natural green tea as a beverage has a special place in Japanese culture. Portions are moderate, no overeating, the body is not struggling to digest food and that’s why you are constantly energized and rested. You can work long with full concentration, with very little sleep. Habit is all that remains of this diet, over time the body adjusts and there is no need for extra calories, and when you get to that stage of your daily tasks it is easier for you to perform, and certainly this will be healthier.

Of course it is the price of Japanese specialties at exclusive restaurants around the world is certainly the most expensive. Cheap and bad food mostly makes you unhealthy and obese. But such a diet can easily be applied by making meals at home. Get the groceries at the market take a little time, and there you have a healthy diet.

We will mention some of the specialties of this cuisine and give approximate nutritional composition.

Japanese soup with noodles. Soba noodles are made from buckwheat flour. Buckwheat in possession of vitamins B1 and B2, minerals and almost double the percentage of protein in relation to rice. Sashimi. Seafood in its purest form. This dish consists only of thin slices of raw salmon, tuna, squid, or anything else fresh. No matter what fish you choose, you are guaranteed you will get a huge percentage of protein and nutrients with very little fat. Edamame. It represents a fresh glow, which can be a great appetizer. It contains a high percentage of protein, omega 3 fats and fiber. Serve with fresh vegetables will lead to the full before the main course, and time will not come to overeating. Shiitake Mushrooms. This food is very rich in protein and has a low percentage of fat. It is used in Asian medicine for centuries. Studies show that shiitake mushrooms protect against cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol. Tofu. This is a very standard food in the Asian kitchen. Similar properties as shiitake, a lot of protein and little fat. It can be easily combined and used as a dietary supplement.Wasabi. This unique flavor contains the same chemicals, to fight cancers, like in broccoli and cabbage.Wasabi also reduces the risk of heart attack. Nigri. Thin slices of fresh fish wrapped around rice with bits of seaweed. Most chefs in restaurants that it is much easier to handle if raw fish is mixed with rice and some restaurants use or brown rice. Seaweed. This staple is indispensable when it comes to consuming a sufficient amount of minerals. Seaweed contains several things that our bodies need, including zinc, selenium, iodine, and vitamin B12. It also help to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

These are some important details that characterize a healthy diet in the Japanese way. Changing bad habits with better, accept the fact that health enters the mouth, giving an example to others and most importantly give an example to your children, ones it’s up to yourself. This diet will help your working day to be more efficiently and your life much longer. So the Japanese are doing this!


We are constantly exposed to through the media claims of a healthy lifestyle and healthy food. Everything is a big industry and the aim is to lure more customers. Are healthy foods that you really offer much healthy, we’ll find out in this article.

There are more and more processed products full of additives and colors, to taste and smell as good as possible, a date duration was as long as possible. In support of this mega company to create and promote these very things as the right choice for you. The other side of the coin is more important for you. It is important that you know what you are buying. We’ll give a few examples.

INTEGRAL BREAD. It’s hard to find wholemeal bread or whole-grain bread that does not contain refined grains, white flour and additives. All of which is given softness, color and length. Look for homemade bread made ​​from flour produced in mills, for which you are sure that no additives. Buy breadmaker bread and make it yourself.

PROTEIN BARS. Many protein chocolates are essentially filled confectionery base hydrate containing a small percentage of the protein. Instead, after a workout, eat foods that are naturally rich in protein (eggs, meat, poultry, fish, beans and pulses).

HEALTHY CEREALS AND BEANS. Breakfast should contain healthy grains, but not the ones in boxes brands (fitness, wellness, etc …) in which they are full of hydrate and additives. When you shopping look for ingredients. What should contain less than 10g of sugar per serving and at least 5 grams of fiber per serving.

GLUTEN FREE MEALS. If you do not suffer from celiac disease or you are intolerant to gluten, no need to avoid foods that contain gluten.

FRUIT YOGURT. Add honey and fruit in yogurt is a good idea, but buy fruit yogurts full of sugar is like eating sweets.

NUTS BUTTERS. Nuts butter can satisfy your daily requirement of fat and protein, but there are many butters that contain a lot of sugar or trans fats. Even if they consume no additives and sugar, tablespoon of such butter usually contains about 100 calories, what is not good for your weight.

PACKED SALADS. Which can be purchased at airports, supermarkets and fast food likely to contain too many calories, but it is even worse that contain a lot of sodium, which is not a good choice for your body.

QUINOA PASTA. Quinoa is fantastic for you, there are less carbohydrates and sugar than any pasta. But if you are buying Quinoa Pasta, check whether it contains Quinoa flour. All Others also contains same sugar and less protein as well as any classic pasta.

VITAMIN SHAKES. While most juices contain healthy nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, they also contain a lot of sugar (even green juices!). Not only that, but missing all of the fibers that provide vegetables. Eat your vegetables and fruits mixed in a blender is always a better idea.

Be sure to read the nutritional values behind every product, and also you know your daily needs of sugar, carbohydrates, fat, sodium and other. And in as much as avoiding packaged and processed products, a simple healthy diet is a great start for you.





QUINOA- one of the healthiest food

What are the nutritional properties, the possibility of use in the treatment and contraindications quinoa?

With this grain can store really tasty dishes, so we include it in our diet. For this reason it is important that we know the properties and nutritional value, to become aware of all the benefits that can contribute to the well-being of our health. Quinoa is good for system of blood circulation, intestines and muscles, rich with minerals, vitamins and proteins. Ideal for migraines and may be entered in red nutritional support that constitute the low-calorie diet. Let’s find out more:


Nutritional characteristics:

Food properties of quinoa are visible primarily in the fact that through their consumption produces results in improving the physiological functions of the body. This grain has a high level of protein and amino acids. It is rich in antioxidants, particularly flavonoids and vitamin E, which can fight against damage caused by free radicals in terms of aging. 55% of the grains consists of carbohydrates, proteins make up 12%, and the remainder is composed of lipids with a high amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids, particularly linoleic acid. Representative of the mineral salts, such as iron, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus, in addition to vitamin E, vitamin C is also present and B2.Calories value of these grains are approximately 370 kcal per 100 grams. The price in the European Union varies from 5-8 euro for a package containing 500 grams of seeds.

Medicinal properties:

Curative quinoa is mainly from flavonoids, which are used in action against cancer. Since gluten may be contained in food for people suffering from celiac disease .As previously mentioned enters in the composition of nutritional support for low-calorie diet, because it has a lot of energy. Polyunsaturated fatty acids may protect the heart and circulatory system objectives. It can improve the functionality of brain cells. A is suitable for those who suffer from diabetes and has fibers which mitigates this problem. Do not forget to reduce acidity and all related disorders of the stomach such as gastritis and ulcers. It is no coincidence which can be incorporated into the healthiest foods in the world.


Speaking of contraindications cinema, we can not ignore allergies, which can sometimes occur in sensitive individuals. May induce itching, although this rarely happens. Before consuming quinoa, seeds should be left to soak through and must be well washed. All of this is important, because quinoa has saponin, which can be toxic to the body, if the grain is not well washed. Some studies have shown that quinoa is rich in oxalate. For this reason, those who suffer from kidney stones is not to be eaten too.


Gluten is a protein of wheat, barley and rye, which means that it has almost all foods-bread, pasta, cereal and biscuits over to beer, instant soup and salad dressing. Those who decide to give up gluten accustomed to alternative crops such as rice, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth and corn (and if it contains gluten, this cereal does not act as allergens and can be used in a gluten free diet). Only those who suffer from allergies to wheat, should strictly avoid gluten. When these people eat food boxes containing this substance, they trigger an immune response that damages the mucosa of the small bowel, bloating, flatulence and other symptoms, some of which are usually irritability, muscle cramps, skin rash and anemia. Reactions of this type increases the risk of intestinal cancer. Eating bread and pasta in them cause bloating, fatigue, depression and headaches. Also, it is known that many people without consequence eat food boxes with gluten twenty-thirty years after that starting to have problems. Since there is still no reliable test to determine the sensitivity to gluten, the best way to check is to remove from your diet all foods containing it and see if you feel better. The improvement was already felt after a few days.


People with diagnosed celiac disease or gluten sensitivity expressed will feel the greatest benefit from this type of diet. Many people experience significantly improved general health condition, and some notes and positive changes in appearance, because sensitivity to gluten can cause inflammation, which is manifested by the appearance of acne or eczema.

Also is possible to get more body weight. Sometimes, this diet is almost guaranteed reduction of pounds, because it was a little anlternativnih foods, except for fruits and vegetables. However, today’s market there are countless calorific the products of gluten, such as bread, cakes, biscuits, pizza bases, and some of these are even caloric replacement of standard products, because manufacturers use corn starch or potato starch in order to increase tekstrure. Finally, gluten-free groceries costing more than twice as standard products.The selection of gluten-free products is now more diverse than ever before. However, anyone who does not need to be advised not to apply the gluten-free diet and to eat a varied and moderately.

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