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COCONUT OIL. So much talk of it and maybe too little is known, or there is too much prejudice and misinformation. Is it a marketing gimmick or really should take a special place in a healthy diet, will try to explain in this article.

Passionate advocates of healthy food and healthy living are classic and vegetable oils (sunflower, olive, rapeseed oil, almond and others) have replaced with coconut oil . Why is it healthier and better for use, explanation is:

• This is a stable, healthy saturated fat that contains zero trans fats
• Contains medium chain fatty acids, which are rapidly absorbed,       accelerating metabolism and quickly converted into energy
• It promotes healthy metabolic functions, as we have said make a metabolism faster, participates in the natural and healthy weight loss
• Strengthens the immune system
• Is there an antioxidant
• It has a role in improving the quality of skin and hair
• It prevents the formation of free radicals and their destruction in the body, protects the body
• Helps protect skin from nursing stains, or stains caused by excessive exposure to sunlight
• Helps connective tissue and fibers retain elasticity, so skin cant bends and wrinkles
• In some cases it can even restore damaged and diseased skin

100 grams of coconut oil contains:
• 862 Kcal
• 100 g Total Fat: 87g Saturated Fat, Polyunsaturated Fat 1.8 g, Monounsaturated Fat 6g
• 0g Protein 
• 0g Cholesterol
• 0g Total Carbohydrate

How to Use Coconut Oil:
Use it instead of other oils margarine and butter, for all purposes in preparing food, because it represents one of the few stable oil. Used as an ingredient in preparing various Juice or Shakes. Use it directly over the buckets as oil for salad dressing. Can be used as massage oil and lotion for skin. Put it on your hair an hour before showering and after washing, hair will be soft, silky, easy to comb and design. Coconut oil is also used as lip gloss or protection from the wind and frostbite.

I hope this text give you a little explanation why you need to preferred coconut oil, also other natural oils have their good qualities, but experts say it is the most complete oil. So go ahead!

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