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Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest …) have led on the world in revolution of fitness and health in the last few years. In the last period, people of all ages has good knowledge of computers and thus social networks, we have that people seeking motivation and solution through the fitness profile that look almost unreal. In this text we will study social media and the impact thereof on the physical activity of the individual, and they life style.


Fitness and Health industry in the world is growing at an incredible rate. So too does the possibility of a very light advertising and arriving at target groups through social networks. A handful of products and innovations are flooding our desktop on computer or mobile phone. Or we can talk about perfect fitness models who looks unreal on the screen. What is hidden behind, people can not even imagine. Fitness and motivation that I do is very important to a person initiated and motivated to start with physical activity, change their habits and change something in their lives. This motivation should properly be applied at the right time in order to avoid side effects. Comments: I want to look like this or that, carry a lot of ignorance and prejudice. These are incredible sacrifices that require such discipline and preparation that measures with the life and habits of professional athletes, in addition to adding the present techniques of photoshop and entire teams of marketing magicians, photographers, producers who for a good picture on Instagram devote several hours. When all of this is learned, or explain to the person who may be in error, motivation and self motivating encountered a problem and jam.

The motive should be primarily HEALTH in FITNESS. Health, agility, mobility, good circulation, fast metabolism, ease of movement, peaceful and healthy sleep are the basic motives why we need to exercise. The results come by themselves. With proper training and guidance, diet and lifestyle, there is a fat-burning, shaping and muscle hypertrophy, there is a famous SIX PACK, all results is comings from the healthy motivation. This includes the socialization in the fitness centers, healthy environment, healthy habits, smart conversations about health and nutrition with trainers and practitioners, anti-stress programs – current isolation from stress and mental relaxation through training.

I hope I give you a little closer to the concept of the right motivation. I tried to explain why it should be a little isolated from social media and advertising, and select the same judge what is real and what is not. Decide on your way and achieve your goals!


What are the most accurate methods for measuring the percentage of fat, whether electronic scales accurate and reliable, we’ll learn through forth the following text.

Electronic scales for measurement are available in countless models. They use a technology called bioelectrical impedance, and assesses how much body fat you have, the percentage of muscle mass, water content, etc … When you step on the scale, the sensor plays an imperceptible electrical current flow through the whole body and back up again. Because it contains much more water, muscles conduct electricity better than fat, so if is greater resistance more fat you have. Scales used formula to calculate the percentage of body fat which include this information resistance, together with other data you have entered (height, weight, age, gender). Some scales contain and handle where the electrodes pass through the hands of such scales better assess total body fat. An increasing number of electronic scales associated with computers, or have their own display, which automatically transmitted data and printed on paper.


Are electronic scales accurate? One of the problems with scales that measure body fat is that they are often incorrect or inaccurate. Many variables affect the results, including how hydrated you are, when you last ate, even if your feet have calluses or dirty, as well as the type and quality of the product and whether it is regularly serviced. Studies have shown that the results which give electric scales are often different from the results that provide a standardized method of measuring fat. Devices that have manual electrodes tend to go a little better. In a study published in Obesity Facts In 2008. the balance to only a foot electrodes underestimate body fat in people with a lot of body fat and overestimating on a tinner people. Even manuals say that devices may be less accurate for older people, in highly trained athletes, children and persons with osteoporosis.

Are electronic scales needed? Certainly progress and checking whether we win or lose fat is definitely needed. Some researchers say that the scales for measuring body fat can be useful for tracking changes over time and can help to motivate some people to lose weight (regular scales of course also can help but do not have the insight into how fat you are and how much muscle gain or lose but only if you lose or put on pounds, which can be very confusing and daunting). However, testing your body fat is not something you need to do is constantly on a daily or weekly basis, but you need to allow a longer period and do the test again.


Other tests and measurements. One of the best ways to see if you have too much body fat is simply measuring the waist. Then index of body fat or BMI, which takes into account weight and height, is another good measure. If you want to measure your percentage of body fat, it is best to measure the professionals at the university and research center, hospital or sports medicine clinic. The methods used include hydrodensitometry (underwater weighing, it is considered the most accurate), then Bod Pod (which uses air instead of water) and DEXA scanning (type X-ray which is similar to test bone density). Body fat can be measured using the same caliper, but the accuracy of the results depends on the skill of the person doing the test.

Today in the world in medicine and fitness are more applicable 3D scanners which do a detailed analysis of the body by means of laser and camera. Fitness industry is growing so in the future almost every fitness center will have these kind of scanner. These scanners will be an integral part of every fitness center and it will be able to easily and accurately monitor the progress of clients.

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