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Gluten is a protein of wheat, barley and rye, which means that it has almost all foods-bread, pasta, cereal and biscuits over to beer, instant soup and salad dressing. Those who decide to give up gluten accustomed to alternative crops such as rice, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth and corn (and if it contains gluten, this cereal does not act as allergens and can be used in a gluten free diet). Only those who suffer from allergies to wheat, should strictly avoid gluten. When these people eat food boxes containing this substance, they trigger an immune response that damages the mucosa of the small bowel, bloating, flatulence and other symptoms, some of which are usually irritability, muscle cramps, skin rash and anemia. Reactions of this type increases the risk of intestinal cancer. Eating bread and pasta in them cause bloating, fatigue, depression and headaches. Also, it is known that many people without consequence eat food boxes with gluten twenty-thirty years after that starting to have problems. Since there is still no reliable test to determine the sensitivity to gluten, the best way to check is to remove from your diet all foods containing it and see if you feel better. The improvement was already felt after a few days.


People with diagnosed celiac disease or gluten sensitivity expressed will feel the greatest benefit from this type of diet. Many people experience significantly improved general health condition, and some notes and positive changes in appearance, because sensitivity to gluten can cause inflammation, which is manifested by the appearance of acne or eczema.

Also is possible to get more body weight. Sometimes, this diet is almost guaranteed reduction of pounds, because it was a little anlternativnih foods, except for fruits and vegetables. However, today’s market there are countless calorific the products of gluten, such as bread, cakes, biscuits, pizza bases, and some of these are even caloric replacement of standard products, because manufacturers use corn starch or potato starch in order to increase tekstrure. Finally, gluten-free groceries costing more than twice as standard products.The selection of gluten-free products is now more diverse than ever before. However, anyone who does not need to be advised not to apply the gluten-free diet and to eat a varied and moderately.

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