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LOSING BODY WEIGHT – combination physical activity and calories intake

Physical activity increases muscle tone, improves physical appearance, improves health, increases the consumption of fats influence, and many other functions positive for the organism. The combination of physical activities and carefully dosed calorie intake should become a way of your life, in order to consistently maintained their body weight. See how you can combine nutrition and physical activity in an effort to reduce or control weight.


When you combine these two things, you can eat more and still lose 0.9kg undivided if you calories deficit is 1000 kcal a day (the ratio between the entered and burned calories). 7000 kcal per week. The account is simple: 0,45 kg fat has 3,500 kcal, and 7000 kcal is 0.9 kg.

For example, if you have 9 kg overweight and belong to a group that has poor physical condition you should do: first reduce your daily intake calories for 500 kcal less and than begin the exersises.

9kg * 7777 kcal / kg = 70,000 kcal overweight

reduced daily food intake by 500 kcal, for 12 weeks you will lose 42,000 kcal

with one training a day and the average consumption of 350 kcal (30 min of exercise) per training, for 12 weeks you spend more 29,400 kcal

total consumption is then 71.400 kcal for 12 weeks, which is more than 9 kg desired

If you continue with active life and increase your daily consumption of calories through activity in more than 350 kcal departures daily, you will be able to eat what you want, and sometimes let yourself more than recommended. If you continue to avoid fatty foods and enhance physical activity, you will be able to actually eat whatever you want with no consequences for health and weight.

It is very important with this way of losing weight that you don’t losing nutrients, minerals, proteins and vitamins that could be lost with classical dieting. If you avoid meals to reduce your weight, your metabolism will slow down, and cholesterol levels will rise. With this combination you will also speeds up the metabolism, you will get good shape and raise your physical activity.

There is a way for 12 weeks to achieve your ideal body line for the upcoming summer.


Why obese people are never enough full after big meals? Why feel hungry an hour after a heavy meal? And they need to be changed to uncontrollable hunger ceased?


For starters should be distinguished nutritional and energy (calories) worth of food. Some foods can be high-caloric, given at the time of high energy level (sweets), but the body can not get away from them to any building blocks, and practically remain hungry. Addition to that, the more (junk food) intake, the body is more desirous of nutrients. What should a person eat eggs, meat and fish because he needed proteins (instead of salami, pate and sausages), vegetables and fruits, because its essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. There are also the carbohydrate and fat content, but not any.

Where they are located. In the past often use the term  “empty calories” food boxes rich in carbohydrates and low in protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fiber. There are thoughts: on sweets and other foods that contain sugar (chocolate, sweets, biscuits industrial …), refined grains like white bread, white rice (rich in starch), saturated fat, fast food (hot dogs, hamburgers, fried potatoes …), alcoholic beverages. Especially rich in calories is fried foods (French fries, fried chicken and chips), and very low in nutrients. Large portions, for example, fried potatoes retain 570 calories, which is a third of the daily needs calories for women, and a quarter of the daily requirement for men.

How to resist them. Try to hundreds of smaller fry, and the more you cook the food. Baked potatoes can replace fries and roasted chicken. Avoid carbonated beverages. In addition to large amounts of sugar, quinine in many drinks can reduce the number of platelets in the blood and that adversely affects the liver.Classic bread to replace white bread with whole black beans. Bread with whole grains contain fiber, which facilitates digestion and antioxidants. Classic snacks replace for fruity snack or some integral biscuits that contain grains. Sweets should be replaced by fruit, dry fruit, nuts.


Gluten is a protein of wheat, barley and rye, which means that it has almost all foods-bread, pasta, cereal and biscuits over to beer, instant soup and salad dressing. Those who decide to give up gluten accustomed to alternative crops such as rice, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth and corn (and if it contains gluten, this cereal does not act as allergens and can be used in a gluten free diet). Only those who suffer from allergies to wheat, should strictly avoid gluten. When these people eat food boxes containing this substance, they trigger an immune response that damages the mucosa of the small bowel, bloating, flatulence and other symptoms, some of which are usually irritability, muscle cramps, skin rash and anemia. Reactions of this type increases the risk of intestinal cancer. Eating bread and pasta in them cause bloating, fatigue, depression and headaches. Also, it is known that many people without consequence eat food boxes with gluten twenty-thirty years after that starting to have problems. Since there is still no reliable test to determine the sensitivity to gluten, the best way to check is to remove from your diet all foods containing it and see if you feel better. The improvement was already felt after a few days.


People with diagnosed celiac disease or gluten sensitivity expressed will feel the greatest benefit from this type of diet. Many people experience significantly improved general health condition, and some notes and positive changes in appearance, because sensitivity to gluten can cause inflammation, which is manifested by the appearance of acne or eczema.

Also is possible to get more body weight. Sometimes, this diet is almost guaranteed reduction of pounds, because it was a little anlternativnih foods, except for fruits and vegetables. However, today’s market there are countless calorific the products of gluten, such as bread, cakes, biscuits, pizza bases, and some of these are even caloric replacement of standard products, because manufacturers use corn starch or potato starch in order to increase tekstrure. Finally, gluten-free groceries costing more than twice as standard products.The selection of gluten-free products is now more diverse than ever before. However, anyone who does not need to be advised not to apply the gluten-free diet and to eat a varied and moderately.

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