Ski Dubai is a closed ski resort that extends over 22,500 square meters. It is part of the object Mall of the Emirates, one of the largest and most exclusive malls in the world, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.



The resort is opened in 2005th, has 85 meters high path that branches in five slopes, which are on average 400m in length and steepness that are different weights. Ski resort has three lifts: one dish that you climb to the top, a four-seater also to the top of the station and a lift for beginners that those who are learning to ski. The whole area, which is under the snow is 3,000 square feet and includes a snow park, climbing walls, tunnels, bobsleigh track and many other attractions. Ski Dubai have penguins, they have own show several times a day. As far as rental equipment all included in the price, except hats and gloves (ski or board, jacket, ski pants and even socks). Price for 2 hours of skiing is about 45 euro. You can take also daily chart which is about 70 euro.

Extremely efficient insulation system helps to maintain the object temperature from -4 ° C during the day and -6 ° C at night when the snow is produced.



Interestingly, what about ski resorts are restaurants, bars and cafes that offer views of the ski slopes and trails, but also evoke the true winter idyll like restaurants in major ski resorts around the world, and so is one of the restaurant called St Moritz. On the trail in between four-station is also a beautiful restaurant with a real winter atmosphere and interior.


Two hours of skiing looks or maybe a little short, but when you’re at a temperature of -3 degree and the outside is 35 degree or more, temperature shock is large. You will be quite enough, considering I’ll quickly go over all paths and that the time path of descent and climb cableway is very different and very soon you will be cold. But pleasure is quite satisfactory.

In the center there is also snow park, where the main actors are young Arabs locals, you will not believe it, I performed a fantastic ski fact that hardly anyone dared.

There is also a competition that is held every year in the ski resort, called ICE WARRIOR CHALLENGE. The most readily compete in various disciplines and polygons at a temperature of less than 0. The real attraction, and I awards are attractive.


In all the monotony of the desert, high temperature, high humidity what is dominate in Dubai, Ski Dubai is a chance to forget a little bit about it and feel the winter idyll at least for one day, especially if you are from areas where is the winter season with lots of snow and winter magic.

live from Ski Dubai 🙂

About Marko Mikic

Marko is Master degree Professor of Physical Education and Graduated Organizer of Sports Recreation. Licensed TecnoGym Personal Trainer with international experience, with over 15 years. Instructor, Lifeguard and Coordinator in Life Saving Federation. Former Ski competitor and actual Ski instructor. Conditioning coach for professional athletes. Actual Fitness and Health Writer, Health Advisor, Online Coach and Fitness Specialist. Health and Fitness Consultant and Publisher. Certified Trainer for Kinesitherapy, Sports Diagnostics, Back Pain Prevention, Discovering Physical Faults, Muscle Imbalances, Early Diagnosis of Injuries, Assessment of Physical Skills and Tests, Functional Training and Cross Fit. Personal Trainer and Freelance Photographer.

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