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Traveling around the world, I noticed that the bikes is became more common as a form of recreation or as a main means of transport. It does not matter who is the layer of the population concerned, starting from students to the director, the case is the former mayor of London, their daily tasks and distance perform by cycling. It seems to me that people are slowly realizing the benefits of this means of transport: no crowds, park where ever you want, preferably assemble your bike and take in hand, a great form of recreation and most importantly saving. In this article we will deal with cycling as a form of recreation, lifestyle and benefits to the human body.

I’m glad to see that people are more and more riding bicycles, especially in larger cities. An excellent example is Switzerland, where despite the hilly and mountainous parts, each part of the country is crisscrossed by cycling paths, so if you have the stamina and time you do not need a car. Although it all depends on the weather conditions, but today under the onslaught of industrialization and production of new materials and types of clothing biking is available and possible everywhere. Thinner tires wider tires, a smaller or larger frame, larger or smaller transfer, material preparation, now it’s all available to make it easier to overcome the field in which you are driving. For those with a little poorer fitness level or high age there is the help of electric motors and easier driving and mastering the climb.

As a form of recreation cycling firstly presents an enjoyment of nature and terms, as well as activity in the fresh air, which is very important for all body functions. Strengthening the lower extremities, especially the quadriceps and calf, shaping muscle, fat loss, weight loss, accelerate metabolism, improve endurance and stamina, improved cardiovascular and respiratory organs, improve blood circulation, reduce mental stress, by time make reduction in heart rate at rest – the heart works slower, more efficient and more productive, the heart muscle makes stronger …all of this is advantages for this type of activity. With bike distance that can pass are truly impressive.

Depending on your condition and fitness level, it is best to ride a bike every day for one to two hours. In such a long process after a certain time (after 20 minutes of activity) there will be degradation of fats. With a lower pulse, 130 beats per minute, drive will be longer and degradation of fat better. If is pulse higher around 160 beats per minute the speed is higher, the ability to quickly get tired is more possible, shorter time for degradation of fats, reduce your speed and pulse will go down. Speed that is recommended is about 20 km / h.

Get a reliable bike, price is irrelevant because it is all in the legs and endurance, in the case of a long drive need to get the bike windscreens, because after the first hour you will feel the pain of sitting, get a comfortable seat, sunglasses for insects, a bottle of water with you always, and of course music that will break the monotony of pedaling. And a very important thing in society is riding a bike is always interesting, because cycling is a collective sport!



Putujući po Evropi i njenim gradovima zapazio sam da je biciklizam sve učestaliji kao vid rekreacije ali i kao glavno prevozno sredstvo. Nebitno je koji je sloj stanovništva u pitanju, počevši od studenata pa do direktora, primer je i bivši gradonačelnik Londona, svoje dnevne zadatke i distance obavljaju biciklom. Čini mi se da ljudi polako shvataju prednosti ovog prevoznog sredstva: nema gužvi, parkirate gde hoćete, po mogućstvu sklopite svoj bicikl i ponesete u ruke, odličan vid rekreacije i najvažnije ušteda na svemu. U ovom tekstu ćemo se pozabaviti biciklizmom kao vidom rekreacije, stilom života i dobrobitima na ljudski organizam.

Drago mi je kad vidim da ljudi sve više i više voze bicikle, posebno u većim gradovima. Odličan primer je Švajcarska, gde i pored brdovitih i planinskih delova, svaki deo države je ispresecan biciklističkim stazama, tako da ako imate kondicije i vremena auto vam i ne treba. Mada sve zavisi od vremenskih uslova, ali danas pod naletom industrijalizacije i proizvodnje novih materijala odeće i vrstama bicikli sve je dostupno i moguće. Tanje gume šire gume, manji ili veći ram, veći ili manji prenos, materijal izrade, danas je sve to dostupno radi lakšeg savlađivanja terena kojim vozite. Za one sa malo slabijom kondicijom ili su u godinama tu je i pomoć elektromotora i lakša vožnja i savladavanje uspona.

Kao vid rekreacije vožnja bicikla kao prvo predstavalja uživanje u prirodi i pogledu, kao i aktivnost na čistom vazduhu, što je jako bitno za sve funkcije organizma. Jačanje donjih ekstremiteta, posebno kvadricepsa i listova, oblikovanje muskulature, skidanje masnih naslaga, gubljenje kilograma, ubrzavanje metabolizma, poboljšanje kondicije i izdržljivosti, poboljšanje kardiovaskularnog sistema i disajnih organa, poboljšanje cirkulacije krvi, smanjenje mentalnog stres, a vremenom i smanjenje srčanog pulsa u miru – srce radi sporije, efikasnije i produktivnije, srčani mišić jača… sve su to prednosti ovog vida aktivnosti. Uz to distance koje se mogu preći su zaista impozantne.

U zavisnosti od vaše utreniranisti i kondicije, najbolje je biciklu voziti svaki dan jedan do dva sata. U ovako dugotrajnom procesu posle određenog vremena ( nakon 20 min aktivnosti ) doći će do razgradnje masti. Sa nižim pulsem, oko 130 otkucaja u minuti, trajanje vožnje će biti duže a razgradnja masnih naslaga bolja. Ako je puls veći 160 otkucaja u minuti veća je brzina, veća mogućnost da se brzo umorite, skraćeno vreme razgradnje masti, smanjite brzinu i smanjićete puls. Brzina koja se preporučuje je oko 20 km/h. 

Nabavite pouzdan bicikl, nebitna je cena jer je sve u nogama, u slučaju da duže vozite nabavite biciklističke sa sunđerima jer ćete nakon prvog sata osetiti bol od sedenja, nabavite udobno sedište, naočare za sunce zbog insekata, bočicu vode uvek uz vas, i naravno muzika koja će vam razbiti monotoniju okretanja pedala. I jako bitna stvar u društvu je vožnja bicikla uvek zanimljivija, jer je biciklizam ipak kolektivni sport!


Depending on the kind of goal we want to achieve, whether it is to lose fat and weight or increase muscle mass, increase endurance and stamina, strengthening certain muscle groups, progress, and improvement of some motor skills (flexibility, endurance, speed, …), is to lightweight recreational training or cardio purely for pleasure, we have various types of training, whether it be on the type of equipment, intensity or duration of the training. We’ll have to deal with this issue in the text, in a professional way without advertising brands and names of training.


Today we have a variety of different training titles. New names and brands for same kind of workout is very confusing. Essentially all boils down to the same, one type of training can be called on the 5 different modes. It is simply a branding and serious marketing in order to sell something and been on the agenda. I understand that today’s all is marketing and profit. But today we will call the facts with proper name, it is better.

The first very important thing is are you amateur, have you ever something seriously trained or what is your fitness level, and what you want to achieve. To say that, today’s training methods look like similar like gladiators is preparing for battle. It is OK, if you make money from wholesale as MMA fighters and Cross Fit athletes and you have sponsors and all the other things, then it makes sense. But if you are a recreational, difficult and strenuous training can later lead to Overtraining (OVERTRAINING OR PROGRESS ), or can cause serious injury. In the book SCIENCE OF FORCE shows clearly, strength and endurance should not train together, it said top experts and doctors, maybe it sound boring, but it makes sense.

The main thing for fitness and endurance is cardio training in combination with interval training, the muscle hypertrophy and increasing muscle mass is weights (split training) with sufficient intake of protein (up to 2 g of protein per kilogram of weight, per day), functional and circuit training to increase endurance and downloading fat and kilograms with an adequate relationship and entered calories spent days (you will not lose weight if you spend 500 calories per workout, so you come home and enter 1000 kcal), box combined with weights and strength training exercises is excellent for defining muscle with a mandatory removal of fat through diet , longer cardio training with uniform and moderate cardiac frequency is ideal for degradation of fat, short interval sprints in swimming, running, rowing – consumption of carbohydrates, high-frequency heart, rapid fatigue and short duration of activity – power, speed and explosiveness.

Call your training however you want or as it is more popularly known as May, but the basic thing is to break down what you want from a workout.  Ask professional staff, find out an inform on the right places. Monitoring online, you tube and group training for motivation can have a counter effect, you think you’re doing well and properly and you can endure the intensity, and perhaps is the opposite. Listen your body, body knows what is the best for you.


U zavisnosti kakav cilj želimo da postignemo, da li je to gubljenje masti i kilograma ili povećanje mišićne mase, povećanje izdržljivosti i kondicije, jačanje pojedinih mišićnih grupa, unapređivanje i poboljšanje neke motoričke sposobnosti (gipkost, izdržljivost, brzina…), da li je to lagan rekreativni trening ili kardio čisto zadovoljstva radi, imamo razne tipove treninga, bilo da se radi o vrsti rekvizita, intenzitetu ili dužini trajanja treninga. Malo ćemo da se pozabavimo ovom temom u ovom tekstu ali na stručan način bez reklamiranja brendova i naziva treninga.

Danas imamo razne nazive različitih treninga. Ne bi da pominjem nazive ali jako zbunjuju. U suštini sve se na isto svodi, jednu vrstu treninga možemo nazvati na 5 različitih načina, engleskih slengova, koji sve više i više imaju uticaja u današnjem fitnesu. To je jednostavno brendiranje i ozbiljan marketing kako bi se nešto prodalo i bilo aktuelno. I to razumem danas je sve marketing i profit. Ali ćemo stvari da nazovemo pravim imenom, tako je nabolje.

Prvo jako bitna stvar je da li ste rekreativac, da li ste ikada nešto ozbiljnije trenirali, u kakvoj ste formi i šta želite da postignete. Da kažemo da današnji načini treninga više izgledaju kao priprema za gladijatorsku borbu, pa ko preživi. Ok, ako od toga debelo zarađujete kao MMA borci ili Cross Fit takmičari, od sponzora i svega ostalog, onda to ima smisla, ali ako ste rekreativac, teški i naporni teninzi vas mogu kasnije dovesti do pretreniranosti PRETRENIRANOST ILI NAPREDAK ili dovesti do ozbiljnih povreda. U knjizi NAUKA O SNAZI kaže jasno, snagu i izdržljivost ne treba trenirati zajedno, to su rekli vrhunski stručnjaci i doktori, ima smisla.

Osnovna stvar, za kondiciju i izdržljivost kardio trenizi u kombinaciji sa intervalnim treninzima, za hipertrofiju mišića i povećanje mišićne mase tegovi (split trening) uz dovoljno unošenje proteina (do 2g proteina po kilogramu težine dnevno), funkcionalni i kružni treninzi za povećanje izdržljivosti i skidanje masnih naslaga i kilograma uz adekvatni odnos unetih i potrošenih dnevih kalorija (nećete gubiti kilograme ako potrošite 500 kcal na treningu pa dođete kući i unesete 1000 kcal), box u kombinaciji sa tegovima i vežbama snage odličan za definisanje muskulature uz obavezno skidanje masnih naslaga kroz dijetu, duži kardio treninzi ravnomerna i umerena srčana frekfenca idealna za razgranju masti, kratki intervalni sprintevi u plivanju, trčanju, veslanju – potrošnja ugljenih hidrata, visoka srčana frekfenca, ubrzani zamor i kratko vreme trajanja aktivnosti – snaga, brzina i eksplozivnost.

Nazovite vaš trening kako god hoćete ili kako ga već svi nazivaju popularno, ali osnovna stvar je da razgraničite šta želite od treninga, ne mešajte babe i žabe. Pitajte stručno osoblje, informišite se na pravim mestima. Praćenje online, you tube i grupnih treninga radi motivacije može da ima kontra efekat, mislite da dobro i pravilno radite i možete taj intenzitet da izdržite a možda je suprotno. Slušajte vaš organizam, on najbolje zna šta vam prija.


Since hotter and boiling days is coming, cardio exercise (running, cycling …) is not recommended when temperatures are high. We have to choose the time when to run, morning or evening, when temperatures are suitable. There is a cardio workout that is very suitable for the high temperature, you can practice all day, and it is very topical for the summer holidays, it is SWIMMING. In this article, we’ll clear up some little things about swimming, and also how you can lose weight and sculpt your body by swimming.

First to say that swimming, in the judgment of experts and the research, falls into one of the most difficult sports, next to the MMA, Rowing, Rugby and others. Swimming is an activity where it consumes approximately twice as many calories than other activities. Depending on the style and intensity of swimming style consumption ranges from 8 to 15 kcal per minute. Swimming engage the entire musculature, and all parts of the body (arms, legs, abdominal wall, CORE, back, shoulder), and also overcomes the resistance of the water. Time and strengthen the muscles of the shoulder and back especially for Butterfly style.

Losing weight and shaping the body for swimming occurs cyclically and gradually. By strengthening muscles, increasing the consumption of calories to activity itself and through an accelerated metabolism and greater calorie consumption through a stronger muscle, leads to consequences that calories are consumed rapidly, reducing the pounds, fat removed and the whole body shapes. Swimming style, intensity and duration of activity also is affects. Butterfly style is certainly the most challenging but also the most effective in strengthening the body, while the style Breaststroke requires less power but can longer be practiced which will in time result in higher consumption of calories. Natural free and backstroke swimming stile are very effective and recommended.

How to Swim. If you are a beginner you should start slowly and gradually. That means 30 seconds of swimming and 30 seconds of rest. Increase the active phase and reduce the break until you reach that you can swim for 40 minutes without stopping. Once you reach this level of swimming for 30 to 40 minutes 4 to 5 times a week. Another important thing is breathing, which must be in line with the movements and swimming techniques that will facilitate propulsion – slipping through the water. The third thing is proper and essential nutrients rich diet in order to have enough power for the activity and enough material for recovery. And of course the definition of weight loss: burn more calories than you consume.

Swimming is mostly harder than other fitness activities. In about 60 minutes of swimming, you can spend from 800 to 1000 kcal, depending on your weight and exertion. The good side of swimming is to increase endurance and stamina. You will not believe how much better user you when you go to run or indulge in an activity on land. On summer you can swim whenever you want, all day, on all water surfaces with conditions, and a very important thing without sweating and dehydration of the body.

Swimming has another advantage in strengthening the CORE muscles, especially in the injury and recovery, because water favors the relief of the body and certain parts. Special boast swimming, from my personal experience, especially with the style Breaststroke recovering from shoulder injury, dislocation of the shoulder joint and torn leagues. On skiing I had serious shoulder injury dislocations and fully stretched ligaments, after only two months breaststroke swimming stile on the bench press I raised the weight of 100 Kg.

As a longtime member of the rescue service and lifeguard team at one of most dangerous beach on the Danube in Novi Sad – Serbia, and the beach during the EXIT Festival, can boast a good experience and a good knowledge gained through training and experts from whom I had the opportunity to learn. And also Swimming was one of the most favorite exam to me, at the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education.


Pošto nam idu topliji i vreli dani, upražnjavanje kardio treninga (trčanje, vožnja bicikla…) nije baš preporučljivo kada su temperature visoke. Moramo da biramo termin kada da trčimo, ujutru ili uveče, kada su temperature prikladne. Postoji jedan kardio trening koji je jako pogodan za leto i visoke temprerature, možete ga upražnjavati tokom celog dana i veoma je aktuelan za letnje odmore, to je PLIVANJE. U ovom tekstu ćemo malo razjasniti neke stvari o plivanju, ujedno kako možete izgubiti kilograme i oblikovati svoje telo plivanjem.

Prvo da kažemo da plivanje po oceni stručnjaka i istaživanja spada u jedne od najtežih sportova, odmah uz MMA, Veslanje, Ragbi i druge. Plivanje je aktivnost gde se odprilike troši duplo više kalorija u odnosu na druge aktivnosti. U zavisnosti od stila i intenziteta plivačkog stila potrošnja se kreće od 8 do 15 Kcal po minuti. Kod plivanja se angažuje čitava muskulatura i svi delovi tela (ruke, noge, trbušni zid, leđa, ramena), a uz to se savlađuje otpor vode. Time se i jačaju mišići ramenog pojasa i leđa posebno kod Delfin stila.

Gubljenje težine i oblikovanje tela kod plivanja dešava se ciklično i postepeno. Jačanjem muskulature, povećanjem potrošnje kalorija kako kroz samu aktivnost tako i kroz ubrzani metabolizam i veću potrošnju kalorija kroz jači mišić, dolazi do posledice da se kalorije ubrzano troše, kilogrami smanjuju, masne naslage skidaju i celo telo oblikuje. Naravno stil plivanja, intenzitet i dužina trajanja aktivnosti svakako utiče. Delfin stil je svakako najzahtevniji ali i najefikasniji kod jačanja tela, dok stil Prsno zahteva manje snage ali može dugotrajnije da se upražnjava što će vremenski imati za posledicu veću potrošnju kalorija. Naravno Kraul i Leđni stil plivanja su itekako efikasni i preporučljivi.

Kako Plivati. Ako ste početnik trebate početi polako i postepeno. To znači 30 sekundi plivanja 30 sekundi odmora. Povećavate aktivnu fazu a smanjujete pauze sve dok ne postignete da možete plivati 40 minuta bez prestanka. Kada dostignete taj nivo plivajte 30 do 40 minuta 4 do 5 puta nedeljno. Druga bitna stvar je disanje, koje mora biti usklađeno sa pokretima, i tehnika plivanja koja će olakšati propulziju – klizanje kroz vodu. Treća stvar je pravilna i bogata ishrana bitnim nutritijentima kako bi imali dovoljno snage za aktivnost a i dovoljno materijala za oporavak. I naravno definicija gubljenja kilograma: potrošite više kalorija nego što unosite.

Zaprvao plivanje jeste teže od ostalih fitnes aktivnosti. Za otprilike 30 minuta plivanja možete potrošiti od 300 do 500 Kcal, u zavisnosti od vaše težine i napora. Dobra strana plivanja je i povećanje izdržljivosti i kondicije. Nećete verovati koliko ste je poboljšalji kada krenete da trčite ili upražnjavate neku aktivnost na suvom. Leti možete plivati kad god hoćete, tokom celog dana, na svim vodenim površina gde postoje uslovi, i vrlo bitna stvar bez znojenja i dehidratacije tela.

Plivanje ima još prednosti u jačanju CORE mišića, posebno kod povreda i oporavka, jer voda daje prednost u rasterećenju tela i pojedinih delova. Posebno mogu pohvaliti plivanje, iz svog ličnog iskustva, pogotovo stil Prsno kod oporavka od povreda ramena, iščašenja ramenog zgloba i istegnutih ligameta. Na skijanju sam imao ozbiljnu povredu ramena išćašenje zgloba i potpuno istegnute ligamente, nakon dva meseca samo prsnog plivanja sam na benč klupi podigao teg od 100 Kg.

Kao dugogodišnji član spasilačke službe na jednoj od najopsanjih plaža na Dunava, na Štrandu u Novom Sadu, i plaža tokom EXIT festivala, mogu se pohvaliti dobrim iskustvom i dobrim stečenim znanjem kroz treninge i stručnjake od kojih sam imao prilike da učim. A ujedno mi je predmet plivanje bio i jedan od omiljenijih na Fakultetu za Sport i Fizičko Obrazovanje u Novom Sadu.


Pod utiskom zbog čestih pitanja od strane lepšeg pola, kako da istanje svoje butine, malo smo istražili ovaj za žene veoma čest “problem”. U zavisnoti šta vam se više sviđa da li mišićna masa i jake noge ili  tanak i izdužen vretenasti mišić zadnje lože i kvadricepsa, imamo i različite vežbe, opterećenja, broj ponavljanja i naravno nutritijente i ishranu bez kojih ni jedan rezultat nije moguć.

Genetika kao i pol imaju veliku ulogu u čovekovoj konstituciji, kao i mesta gde se najviše talože masne naslage i gde se najviše gojimo. Kod muškaraca je to stomak a kod žena najčešće donji ekstremiteti tj butine i gluteusi. Genetika je tu koja ima veoma veliku ulogu u našoj građi. Iako nije svako savršeno građen uvek može svojim trudom da postigne maksimalne rezultate i svoje telo dovede do svog mogućeg savršenstva.

Najbolji naćin da se smanji obim butina, istanji unutrašnji i spoljni deo butina, je kombinacija kroz jačanje mišića nogu i sagorevanjem masnih naslaga koje pokrivaju ovaj deo tela. Kroz predstojeći kružni trening akcenat će biti na angažovanju i jačanju mišića nogu, kvadricepsa, zadnje lože, gliteusa i listova. Uradite sve vežbe zadatim redom, uz što kraće pauze sve dok ne odratite jedan krug. Nakon toga odmorite ceo minut do početka sledećeg kruga. Ponovite krug 3 puta i osetićete koliko su mišići angažovani a samim tim vreme trajanja vežbanja pospešiće sagorevanje masti. Ovakav trening se preporučuje 3 puta nedeljno kako bi rezultati bili vidljivi.

SKATERS. Klizački Skokovi. Naskočite u stranu na jednu nogu dok drugu zabacujete nazad što je dalje moguće a pritom zadržite ravnotežu. Ponovite skokove što brže u narednih 45 sec.


SUMO ČUČANJ sa tegom. Počnite sa položajem gde su stopala postavljena šire od širine   ramena sa prstima okrenutim spolja. Teg držati ispruženim rukama između nogu. Polako se spustati dole u čučanj sa pravim leđima i zatim snažno se vratiti u početni položaj. Vežbu izvoditi 45 sec.


POWER SQUATS. Vežbu krećemo iz početnog položaja čučanj. Koristite mišiće nogu kako bi se snažno odrazili i skočili uz ispružene ruke u vis, zatim se  lagano i nežno vratite u početni položaj. Skačite brzo i snažno u narednih 45 sec.


BOX JUMPS. Za ovu vežbu će vam trebati steper ili klupica. Stav je paralelan, noge u širini ramena. Skok se izvodi sunožno što znači obe noge istovremeno, prvo u vis a onda preko i na steper. Pri skoku aktivirajte vaše trbušnjake i uradite zamah rukakma kako bi skok bio efikasniji. Doskočiti na steper sa obe noge istovremeno, mekano i nežno, a zatim se lagano uspraviti gore, vratite se dole u početni položaj. Vežbu izvodite 12 ponavljanja.


HEISMAN.  Poslednja vežba se više odnosi na kardio. Početni položaj je stojeći stav sa blago savijenim kolenima (zbog amortizacije skoka i držanja ravnoteže, pritom su kvadricepsi konstantno angažovani ikontrahovani). Podići jednu nogu savijenu u kolenu i brzo naskočiti na drugu nogu uz isti položaj. Promena se vrši sa leve na densu nogu, dok je koleno druge noge u visini kukova. Ponavljati naizmenično vežbu narednih 45 sec.

Pored pravilnog i učestalog treninga treba voditi posebno računa o ishrani. Izbaciti proste šećere, trošiti broj unetih kalorija tokom dana, praviti dovoljne pauze između treninga, oporavljati organizam i nadoknađivati potrošene nutritijente kroz ishranu, unostiti dovoljnu količinu proteina za izgradnju i oporavak mišića. 


Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest …) have led on the world in revolution of fitness and health in the last few years. In the last period, people of all ages has good knowledge of computers and thus social networks, we have that people seeking motivation and solution through the fitness profile that look almost unreal. In this text we will study social media and the impact thereof on the physical activity of the individual, and they life style.


Fitness and Health industry in the world is growing at an incredible rate. So too does the possibility of a very light advertising and arriving at target groups through social networks. A handful of products and innovations are flooding our desktop on computer or mobile phone. Or we can talk about perfect fitness models who looks unreal on the screen. What is hidden behind, people can not even imagine. Fitness and motivation that I do is very important to a person initiated and motivated to start with physical activity, change their habits and change something in their lives. This motivation should properly be applied at the right time in order to avoid side effects. Comments: I want to look like this or that, carry a lot of ignorance and prejudice. These are incredible sacrifices that require such discipline and preparation that measures with the life and habits of professional athletes, in addition to adding the present techniques of photoshop and entire teams of marketing magicians, photographers, producers who for a good picture on Instagram devote several hours. When all of this is learned, or explain to the person who may be in error, motivation and self motivating encountered a problem and jam.

The motive should be primarily HEALTH in FITNESS. Health, agility, mobility, good circulation, fast metabolism, ease of movement, peaceful and healthy sleep are the basic motives why we need to exercise. The results come by themselves. With proper training and guidance, diet and lifestyle, there is a fat-burning, shaping and muscle hypertrophy, there is a famous SIX PACK, all results is comings from the healthy motivation. This includes the socialization in the fitness centers, healthy environment, healthy habits, smart conversations about health and nutrition with trainers and practitioners, anti-stress programs – current isolation from stress and mental relaxation through training.

I hope I give you a little closer to the concept of the right motivation. I tried to explain why it should be a little isolated from social media and advertising, and select the same judge what is real and what is not. Decide on your way and achieve your goals!

TRX – the best functional workout

Današnji fitnes se zasniva na što jednostavnijim ali što funkcionalnijim treninzima koji pogađaju čitavu mišićnu muskulaturu. TRX predstavlja jednu prostu ali veoma efikasnu i funkcionalnu spravu koja će angažovati sve mišiće tela uz preko 300 kombinovanih vežbi. U ovom članku ćemo se pozabaviti najefikasnijim vežbama na TRX-u.

Today’s fitness is based on as simple and functional training that affect the whole muscle musculature. TRX is one simple but very effective and functional device that will engage all muscles of the body, with more than 300 combined exercises. In this article we will address the most effective exercises on TRX.


TRX se sastoji iz dva kraka na kojima se na kraju nalaze ručke. Kraci se podešavaju po dužini i time se opseg pokreta povećava ili smanjuje. To je jako bitno kod osoba različite utreniranosti kako bi trening prilagodili prema svakome. Vežbe se izvode samo uz korišćenje vaše telesne težine, i pod određenim uglom koje vaše telo zauzima prema TRX-u ili podlozi dozira se težina vežbe.

TRX is consists of two arms, on which at the end are handles located. Spokes are adjusted in length and thereby the range of motion increases or decreases. It is very important for people of different well trained to adapt training to everyone. The exercises are performed using only your body weight, and at a certain angle to your body takes to the TRX or medium dosed weight exercises.

Prednosti TRX-a:

  • napredak u performansama uz pomoć telesne težine
  • visokointenzivni treninzi koje pospešuju sagorevanje masti i definisanje vaše muskulature
  • izvrstan trening za jačanje CORE mišića
  • izgrađujete odličnu stabilnost, mobilnost i fleksibilnost vašeg tela
  • povećavate vašu izdržljivost
  • odličan kod rehabilitacija i oporavka od povreda
  • izolacija i jačanje specifičnih mišića
  • lako prenosiv i lak za montiranje

Advantages of TRX:

  • advances in performance with just your body weight
  • high-intensity training that enhances fat burning and define your muscles
  • great workout for strengthening CORE muscles
  • build excellent stability, mobility and flexibility of your body
  • increases your endurance
  • excellent for injuries recovery and rehabilitation
  • insulation and strengthening specific muscle
  • easily portable and easy to mount

Sada ćemo vam predstaviti dva seta vežbi koje su najefikasnije i najčeće se izvode na TRX-u. Ujedno su namenjene i za početnike i za one koji su već utrenirani.

Now we will present two sets of exercises that are most effective and most commonly performed on TRX. They are also designed for both, beginners and for those who are already trained.



Pokušajte da svaku vežbu izvedete što pravilnije kako bi angažovali deo tela za koji je vežba specifično namenjena. Vežbe se mogu izvoditi 30 sec između svake je pauza 15 sec u 4 runde ili kruga između kojih je pauza 1 min. Ovakav funkcionalni trening će sagoreti puno kalorija a ujedno ojačati vašu muskulaturu, ubrzati metabolizam i poboljšati vaše performanse.

Try to perform each exercise as correctly as possible, to engage part of the body which exercise is specifically intended. Exercises can be run 30 seconds, between each the rest is 15 seconds in a 4 round between them rest is 1 min. This kind of functional training will burn a lot of calories and also strengthen your muscles, speed up metabolism and improve your performance.


In the last few months I had a clients who are models. They inspired me a little bit more to find out and investigate this topic. Today we deal with female models, their way of training, diet and lifestyle.


How to get look similar like girls on the picture. Of course, with a lot of effort and the right guidelines can be. Not everyone is destined to be top models, but you can line your figure to a level which is not ashamed to stand shoulder to shoulder with the top models.

Training are specific, is not the classical exercising and lifting weights. Muscle needs to look very different from all the other examples you can see in fitness centers. We can take the example of runners on one hundred meters and marathon, but this is something in between, for example athletes in the 800 and 1500 meters. The training requires a lot of cardio exercise, functional exercises with your own weight and a lot of stretching. Muscles need to be spindly, elongated, thin but strong. This is the essence of this appearance and musculature.

Traditional exercises lunges, squats, push ups, deeps, used with a lot of modification. TRX, Steppers, Bosu balls, Pilates balls … can be used as specific help with variations and loads. Bands with different colors and degrees of elasticity are very good, the load increases in the most natural way without the use of conventional weights. Interval training, cardio, rope should be more practiced in order to losing fat and removed the excess fluid that muscle gave mild expression and longitude.

Training with boxing and kick box elements and their movements will strengthen the muscles of the legs and shoulders, and at the same time a proper execution of the muscle movements will be significantly involved with a wide range of flexion and extension which will impact favorably on the desired result.

Stretching must occupy a special place in the course of training, approximately 30% of the training process. Muscle must not be tightened and shortened. Diet is based on reciprocal intake and spending of calories, kg need to be the same, energy saved, and all the necessary nutrients to be recovered.

In the next video, we’ll give you an example of exercises that are used in this type of training:

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