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Why is it important to know what is the basal metabolism, what his value is for men and women, how you can calculate, and other useful information you will find below.

Basal metabolism calculates the minimum amount of energy needed to maintain basic life functions. This is what your organs expended in standby mode, or the energy that you need to sustain life. The liver is the largest consumer of energy in the rest (about 27%), and brain (19%), muscle (18%), heart (7%), lung (9%) and kidneys (10%). Expressed in calories, the average rate basal metabolic rate for adult men is about 1500 to 2000 kcal / day, and for women from 1200 to 1600 kcal / day. The reason for the difference lies in the smaller internal organs of women and less of muscle tissue (less total cell mass).

Your MBR you can calculate by the simplest formula: body weight (kg) x 20 kcal, for example. 80 kg x 20 kcal = 1600 kcal

Dominant factors affecting basal metabolism of the body size, age and gender. Besides the food intake affects the basal metabolic rate – starvation reduces basal metabolism by acting as a defense mechanism that the body defends and saves energy.


Physical activity also changes the value of the basal metabolic rate – after completion of the physical activity we can see an increase in metabolic rate. It was observed that after long activities (80 to 180 minutes) of moderate intensity comes to long-term increase in metabolism at rest that lasts 24 to 48 hours after training. It is well known that the metabolism at rest increased by 200 kcal / day in people who are regularly physically active compared to sedentary individuals.

If you know how much is your basal metabolism and you know that an average workout in the gym spend from 200 to 500 calories (depending on the duration and intensity of training), then you know to your daily calorie intake customize your order. If you intend to lose weight, calorie intake must be less than your total daily consumption (basal metabolism plus activity). Ideally, this deficit is about 500 kcal. Conversely, if you want to weight, eat 500 calories more than what your daily spending.

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