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TRX – the best functional workout

Današnji fitnes se zasniva na što jednostavnijim ali što funkcionalnijim treninzima koji pogađaju čitavu mišićnu muskulaturu. TRX predstavlja jednu prostu ali veoma efikasnu i funkcionalnu spravu koja će angažovati sve mišiće tela uz preko 300 kombinovanih vežbi. U ovom članku ćemo se pozabaviti najefikasnijim vežbama na TRX-u.

Today’s fitness is based on as simple and functional training that affect the whole muscle musculature. TRX is one simple but very effective and functional device that will engage all muscles of the body, with more than 300 combined exercises. In this article we will address the most effective exercises on TRX.


TRX se sastoji iz dva kraka na kojima se na kraju nalaze ručke. Kraci se podešavaju po dužini i time se opseg pokreta povećava ili smanjuje. To je jako bitno kod osoba različite utreniranosti kako bi trening prilagodili prema svakome. Vežbe se izvode samo uz korišćenje vaše telesne težine, i pod određenim uglom koje vaše telo zauzima prema TRX-u ili podlozi dozira se težina vežbe.

TRX is consists of two arms, on which at the end are handles located. Spokes are adjusted in length and thereby the range of motion increases or decreases. It is very important for people of different well trained to adapt training to everyone. The exercises are performed using only your body weight, and at a certain angle to your body takes to the TRX or medium dosed weight exercises.

Prednosti TRX-a:

  • napredak u performansama uz pomoć telesne težine
  • visokointenzivni treninzi koje pospešuju sagorevanje masti i definisanje vaše muskulature
  • izvrstan trening za jačanje CORE mišića
  • izgrađujete odličnu stabilnost, mobilnost i fleksibilnost vašeg tela
  • povećavate vašu izdržljivost
  • odličan kod rehabilitacija i oporavka od povreda
  • izolacija i jačanje specifičnih mišića
  • lako prenosiv i lak za montiranje

Advantages of TRX:

  • advances in performance with just your body weight
  • high-intensity training that enhances fat burning and define your muscles
  • great workout for strengthening CORE muscles
  • build excellent stability, mobility and flexibility of your body
  • increases your endurance
  • excellent for injuries recovery and rehabilitation
  • insulation and strengthening specific muscle
  • easily portable and easy to mount

Sada ćemo vam predstaviti dva seta vežbi koje su najefikasnije i najčeće se izvode na TRX-u. Ujedno su namenjene i za početnike i za one koji su već utrenirani.

Now we will present two sets of exercises that are most effective and most commonly performed on TRX. They are also designed for both, beginners and for those who are already trained.



Pokušajte da svaku vežbu izvedete što pravilnije kako bi angažovali deo tela za koji je vežba specifično namenjena. Vežbe se mogu izvoditi 30 sec između svake je pauza 15 sec u 4 runde ili kruga između kojih je pauza 1 min. Ovakav funkcionalni trening će sagoreti puno kalorija a ujedno ojačati vašu muskulaturu, ubrzati metabolizam i poboljšati vaše performanse.

Try to perform each exercise as correctly as possible, to engage part of the body which exercise is specifically intended. Exercises can be run 30 seconds, between each the rest is 15 seconds in a 4 round between them rest is 1 min. This kind of functional training will burn a lot of calories and also strengthen your muscles, speed up metabolism and improve your performance.



Because storing fat and weak muscles in certain parts of the body, especially in places such as the thighs, stomach and upper arms (females), these parts look limp and relaxed. The muscles are atrophied and the shape looks quite unsatisfactory and ugly. In this article we will explain the easiest and fastest way of workout to solve this problem on your upper arm.

In the initial exercises using the weight of your body and then you can take props such as weights, dumbbells, kettlebell, a bottle of water or any other.

  1. Push-ups are performed with the tightening of the whole musculature especially stomach and legs. The lighter version is on its knees. 3 series of from 5 to 15 repetitions.


  1. Deeps deterioration is performed on a chair, a bed or a bench. It is important to use a triceps muscle and fix the whole body without raising and lowering the hips. 3 sets of 8 to 15 repetitions.


  1. Biceps curl. The exercise is best done leaning against a wall in a standing or sitting position, so the muscle biceps will be most engaging. Can be conducted alternately or simultaneously. 3 sets of 8 to 15 repetitions per min 2 kg tag.


4. Dumbbell curl overhead is performed with one hand or both. It is important that the elbow is fixed and does not move to just triceps was engaged. 3 sets each hand of 10 to 15 repetitions.


5. Triceps Kickback Exercise is performed standing at an angle forward and straight back, elbows and trunk are locked to the accent was on the triceps. 3 sets of 8 to 15 repetitions.


After the mandatory exercise stretching biceps and triceps, every site a minimum of 20 seconds hold.


Results are visible after a few weeks, the muscles going to shape and fat start to melts, so the arms are starting to get desired shape.

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