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Very common sports injury that can result in a problem in the shoulder part throughout all your career. As I pulled my shoulder while skiing just a few months before going to work as a fitness instructor in Dubai, my full recovery and return to the gym, will be the topic of today’s text.

In short we will go through the anatomy of the shoulder part, the concept and the types of dislocation of the shoulder joint. Shoulder hoop consists of 4 joints that connect 4 bones. Specifically shoulder joint bind the two bones: the humerus and scapula. Joint is securing firm tissue, known as ligaments. Shoulder joint is also secure by deltoid muscles and tendons. This joint is the most mobile joint in the human body and thus the most likely to cause most complicated injuries. Dislocation occurs after separation joint parts after some force. Depending on the direction of the shoulder dislocation, there are: front (among the 90% of all dislocations), rear and bottom dislocations. Due to the dislocation of degradation and stretching the ligaments that hold the joint, or in severe cases leads to the tearing of ligaments.

After signing the contract for the fitness company from Dubai and waiting to finish the paperwork and visas in order to make the journey, in the meantime, I decided to go in January, on Olympic mountain Jahorina for skiing. As a good and experienced skier, for me it’s supposed to be a relaxing holiday before working trip. Turns out it was not. 3 days of fog, cold weather did not stop me to open and close the wire on the track, what i always did. 4th day and a beautiful sunny morning promised it will be a beautiful skiing day. After a couple of slope in the morning at one moment I split off from the team and started alone to ski. A small error and high speed caused huge inertia, rolling and fall on head and right shoulder at one time. The vertical drop and strong shock caused the internal dislocation of the shoulder which was concluded by an Englishman, random skier who skied here and stopped to help me, he is a doctor by profession. Ski-do is came for me, and on the way to a small clinics I did not remember anything because of pain. Upon arrival the doctor and after removal equipment from me scene it was terrible, right shoulder almost did not exist, even hoped in a hand movement was impossible. Proposal is to send me in Sarajevo hospital, because the case was complicated. I told the doctor that the pain is not a problem I can tolerate that, just ask him to try to return the shoulder. With the great fear, which I felt at his behavior, he put me on the bed and almost with the principle of the lever at a mechanic’s, he move shoulder back into place. Satisfaction was mutual, he put me the triangle and bandage, and the next 4 days hotel was the only place I spent time where I had a lot of time to reading and analyze this form of injury.

After i get at home i saw the mail where it said that 1. April will be my first working day in Dubai so i need to be there. So i have to two months in order to be able to work or simply cancel the long-awaited job. Head of the hospital, which was considered like the best experts in this field, told me that is happiness that I only stretch the ligaments and the best way to get everything back is to practice BREASTSTROKE SWIMMING at the pool. Hand I could not lift more than 20 cm from the body, it was all tight with every move and the pain was strong. Initially the pool’s right hand almost had a 10% function. Water is becoming more and more strained tendon and weaken the entire joint inflammation. Arm was more mobile, water is massaged and also help to moderate movements regain function. Progress has been significant. 1st of April, I was in Dubai at the end of the same month I lifted 100kg in the bench press which meant the end of my complete recovery and return to the scene 🙂

Recovery prognoses were that I would need six months to rehabilitate the injury, which i almost achieved in less than 3 months. Breaststroke Swimming without any medications, creams and treatments showed a large positive effect for the rehabilitation of the shoulder dislocation injuries.

BENEFITS OF MUSCLE ENDURANCE – isometric contraction

The training muscular endurance ( isometric contraction ), is getting more and more important. A lot of the benefits that are achieved and you get this kind of training. In the following, we will cover this topic and give a couple of very interesting and useful information.


Can you doing the long-run, but when you need to doing endurance squat for 20 seconds, that make the problem arises. This shows that isometrically contractions are not that easy. Today, isometric exercises regaining popularity in the fitness world.

First, to clarify what is isometric exercise and contraction? Isometrically exercises are those exercises that are performed without changing the length of the muscle. These exercises are performed when the body is in a static position and requires muscle tension without any real movement. There are 3 main modes of muscle (muscle contraction), in relation to any action of muscle fibers – Concentric contraction, which involves reducing or shortening of the muscle fibers; Eccentric contractions, which includes the extension of the muscle fibers; and Isometric contraction where muscle fibers taut and without any changes in the length. The exercises of yoga and Pilates classes are mostly isometric nature.

Exercises of isometric contraction is play important role in the thickening of the muscle fibers, and thus strengthen a muscle. It is very important in the body and their muscles, which suffer high loads, such as the spine and spinal cord, knees and neck. The fact that the spinal cord and the muscles surrounding it, can withstand compression from 200 to 300 kilograms, and the rotation of only 9 kilograms, it says that if the muscles of the spinal column weakens and just taking out the crates of beer from the trunk and rotation of the spine, can lead to serious damage to the spinal column. Research shows that 6 minutes of exercise isometric contractions can even replace 30 to 35 minutes classic forms of training in the gym. Power Plate exercise, Dead lifts, Squats and Lounge are very burdensome exercise for knee, therefore exercises to strengthen leg muscles (thigh and hamstring) isometrically contractions are very much needed and necessary. This type of training also stabilizes the pressure (arterial and venous), improves heart function and stabilize the heart rate.

The most common exercises that are performed are: PLANK ( on hands or elbows), SIDE PLANK, isometrically push ups ( endurance in push ups ), endurance of SQUAT ON THE WALL OR ON PILATES BALL, endurance IN CRUNCH position for ABS, isometrically endurance ON THE GROUND FOR STRENGTHENING back muscles …

Certainly that was required to continually change the way of training, in order to have more motivation and more effects on the body, but this type of training should be frequently present with you, just for these reasons that we mentioned above. Later, you can devote weights to form muscles or increase muscle mass, but without a strong spine and core muscles will all be in vain, and may cause serious injuries.

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