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Feeding the blood group was formed to develop biological blood group of human origin. Depending on the time period and what is the man first began to use for food and what is revealed in the meantime and finding in nature, so that when he discovered that the meat is tastier when processing that is roasted, the start of production of dairy produces, food grain, fruits and vegetables.

Scientists who dealing with diet by blood groups explain that people with different blood groups are not equally well to digest certain foods. Each has a different blood group antigens with a special chemical structure. And also the name of the blood group was formed by a group antigen located on red blood pearls. The essence of the theory of blood groups makes the discovery that blood group antigens – behave differently in biochemical reactions to certain foods (that is, some of their ingredients). Below we will see that foods which blood group responds and which do not.


O blood type

People with this blood type are more resistant digestive system. They are carnivores, and they correspond to animal proteins and small amounts of fruits and vegetables. This blood type is harder to bear carbohydrates and products with gluten and dairy. You should avoid coffee because they produce much stomach acid.

Good foods: red meat, vegetables, olive oil, nuts, seeds, fruits

Bad food: fatty products, fish and seafood, cheeses and calf products, corn and sunflower oil , vegetables with high levels of starch grains

A blood type

People with this blood group have little tolerance for proteins. A blood type have a sensitive digestive system and recommended a classic vegetarian diet with less of dairy products. Due to lower production of gastric acid by those who possess this group have problems digesting meat and absorption of vitamin B 12. Food containing enzymes: betaine, bromelain and papal is recommended for this blood group.

Good food: fish and seafood, nuts, vegetables , grains and starches, fruits

Poor foods: red meat, cheese, butter, oil, pistachio, wheat, mushrooms, olives, bananas, mangoes, oranges, mandarins

B blood group

These blood group is resistant and withstands almost most foods. Those who have B blood group should avoid foods with gluten and wheat products, and tolerate dairy products.

Good foods: red meat, eggs, milk, yogurt, feta cheese, rice, potatoes, cabbage, peppers, carrots, pineapple, watermelon , plum, olive oil

Bad food: poultry, fish and seafood, pistachios, peanuts, sunflower, wheat, corn, olives, tomato, soybean and soy oil

AB blood type

This blood type is very rare, it is estimated that only 5% of the population owns. It was created at the latest.

Good food: lamb, turkey, tuna, seafood and fish, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, oils

Poor foods: bacon, beef, pork, whole milk, avocado, sweet corn, peppers, bananas, coconut , oranges, hazelnuts, poppy seeds, pumpkin seeds

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