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Whether and how physical activity affects persons engaged in activities requiring high concentration and creativity, we will try to explain in the next blog.

In the first ten days of training what you feel most in yourself is a change in the mental state and not a change in their weight and stiffness that is negligible. What I have learned from many years of experience working with clients from different parts of the world is that their time is becoming more important than weight and muscles is that they need to have a higher concentration at work, that they are calmer, better and easier sleep, they are more relaxed, have less stress and it is easier to accumulate it.



This is normal because the physical activity positively affects the heart, blood circulation, the pressure in the blood vessels, as well as many other functions. This is important because these are all prerequisites for good concentration (relaxation of the body), which generates creativity at work and in private life.

Just 30 minutes a day is enough to devote attention to your body in the form of physical activity. During training the heart rate per minute going to increase, depending on the severity and intensity of exercise, and up to 180 or more beats per minute. This will lead to your heart slower and quieter working during the day and therefore your body will be more peaceful and organ function in balance which leads to better concentration and less inclination to emotional stress during the day.

When my professor of physiology asked question, which goes like this: We know that in the life of every predetermined number of beats and depended on how many years they will live, how they athletes who each day have two training sessions a day and beats them go up to 200 ppm lives longer than those athletes who all day have a constant heart with small fluctuations, the whole amphitheater had no answer, and the answer is that athletes who in the hour or two or more have very high values ​​of heart rate during the day they have very little stressing (easier tolerate to stress) and to speed up their heartbeat just for the reason that they had high-intensity training with a high number of heart beats per minute, and those who do not have physical activity the slightest thing will accelerate heartbeat due to stress, which is for athletes negligible. An example of this is that the heart at rest normal man per minute is 60 to 80 beats and of professional cyclist goes below 45 beats.


The psychological effects of recreational exercise are numerous and positive, so that the research so far, mainly cite the following effects: improving emotional health, improve mood and motivation, favorable impact on the emotional and social adjustments, boosting feelings of self-worth, reduce aggression, reduce general fatigue, positive effect on attitudes related to recreation.

Physical activity, whether it’s about hitting the sack or running in the park, in essence, one of the best ways to “blow out” and cope with stress. This is a result of hormone release of endorphins during aerobic exercise (running, swimming, rowing). It is important to know that it is not necessary to bring you to death, but to the regular fifteen-minute training can greatly help you.

LOSING BODY WEIGHT – combination physical activity and calories intake

Physical activity increases muscle tone, improves physical appearance, improves health, increases the consumption of fats influence, and many other functions positive for the organism. The combination of physical activities and carefully dosed calorie intake should become a way of your life, in order to consistently maintained their body weight. See how you can combine nutrition and physical activity in an effort to reduce or control weight.


When you combine these two things, you can eat more and still lose 0.9kg undivided if you calories deficit is 1000 kcal a day (the ratio between the entered and burned calories). 7000 kcal per week. The account is simple: 0,45 kg fat has 3,500 kcal, and 7000 kcal is 0.9 kg.

For example, if you have 9 kg overweight and belong to a group that has poor physical condition you should do: first reduce your daily intake calories for 500 kcal less and than begin the exersises.

9kg * 7777 kcal / kg = 70,000 kcal overweight

reduced daily food intake by 500 kcal, for 12 weeks you will lose 42,000 kcal

with one training a day and the average consumption of 350 kcal (30 min of exercise) per training, for 12 weeks you spend more 29,400 kcal

total consumption is then 71.400 kcal for 12 weeks, which is more than 9 kg desired

If you continue with active life and increase your daily consumption of calories through activity in more than 350 kcal departures daily, you will be able to eat what you want, and sometimes let yourself more than recommended. If you continue to avoid fatty foods and enhance physical activity, you will be able to actually eat whatever you want with no consequences for health and weight.

It is very important with this way of losing weight that you don’t losing nutrients, minerals, proteins and vitamins that could be lost with classical dieting. If you avoid meals to reduce your weight, your metabolism will slow down, and cholesterol levels will rise. With this combination you will also speeds up the metabolism, you will get good shape and raise your physical activity.

There is a way for 12 weeks to achieve your ideal body line for the upcoming summer.

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