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Why obese people are never enough full after big meals? Why feel hungry an hour after a heavy meal? And they need to be changed to uncontrollable hunger ceased?


For starters should be distinguished nutritional and energy (calories) worth of food. Some foods can be high-caloric, given at the time of high energy level (sweets), but the body can not get away from them to any building blocks, and practically remain hungry. Addition to that, the more (junk food) intake, the body is more desirous of nutrients. What should a person eat eggs, meat and fish because he needed proteins (instead of salami, pate and sausages), vegetables and fruits, because its essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. There are also the carbohydrate and fat content, but not any.

Where they are located. In the past often use the term  “empty calories” food boxes rich in carbohydrates and low in protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fiber. There are thoughts: on sweets and other foods that contain sugar (chocolate, sweets, biscuits industrial …), refined grains like white bread, white rice (rich in starch), saturated fat, fast food (hot dogs, hamburgers, fried potatoes …), alcoholic beverages. Especially rich in calories is fried foods (French fries, fried chicken and chips), and very low in nutrients. Large portions, for example, fried potatoes retain 570 calories, which is a third of the daily needs calories for women, and a quarter of the daily requirement for men.

How to resist them. Try to hundreds of smaller fry, and the more you cook the food. Baked potatoes can replace fries and roasted chicken. Avoid carbonated beverages. In addition to large amounts of sugar, quinine in many drinks can reduce the number of platelets in the blood and that adversely affects the liver.Classic bread to replace white bread with whole black beans. Bread with whole grains contain fiber, which facilitates digestion and antioxidants. Classic snacks replace for fruity snack or some integral biscuits that contain grains. Sweets should be replaced by fruit, dry fruit, nuts.

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