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Yes, just as You Tube Coaches, maybe you have not heard, or may I only call them like this, but the point is: USING FUNNY AND INTERESTING EXERCISE FROM VIDEO CLIPS. What is behind this, this is what people don’t know, semesters and months and years learning through anatomy, physiology, anthropomotorics, biomechanics, kinetic and others exams. That’s what we will talk about in this article.

I have a view that any form of exercise is useful, instead of non exercising. But it is very important: when, how, how much and what should be practiced. This is precisely the task of every quality coaches. We have a lot of exercises and video clips on the proposal. They challenge you to try on the client. This is a big mistake because not everything for everyone. Easy come unrecoverable error. The progress and the advancement of the client depends on the type of exercise, workload, performance techniques, the number of repetitions, rest, nutrition … Modification of the exercise, from the lightest to the heaviest embodiment is very important. The duration, speed of execution in flexion and extension, breathing, pauses between performance and many other characteristics are taught for years and come with experience. Everything has the way, place and moment when it’s need to be applied.

We come to the part, what is your reason to started workout 4 REASONS WHY PEOPLE DECIDE OR MOTIVATE TO GO TO THE FITNESS CENTER. In the case, any monotonous and boring training is not interesting for anyone, so we are always looking for inspiration on the Internet. Or can come to saturation in practice. Then you have to keep in mind your goal and stick to it, you will be motivated to continue. The result is a long and arduous path, that in any case waiting you in your life, in family, in career or in the training process.

Far from it, you do not need to avoid trends and innovations, but it is necessary to think before and analyze, what it brings and how it affects on your clients, for whom you are responsible. It all starts with basic exercises and movements, and later they modified and supplemented in accordance with the time and the fitness level. Be the creator of your own training and complex of exercise. For each exercise, think well and give the most important answers: what we aim of this exercise and what is affect on the body.

Progress, Stagnation and Overtraining – we have already written and can be recalled at this link OVERTRAINING OR PROGRESS

Tactics training and several months of cycles, which is required to achieve results, both in professional sports also applied to recreational, and plays a very important role. Timely action on the organism, training, rest, recovery, nutrition … must be planned and implemented on time. Only in this way leads to real and lasting results.

Be wise and patient and the results will come!


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