As the first and most common reason why people go to fitness centers is health. This is logical because the first results that will be achieved already after just 10 days are not physical is mental: better concentration, less stress, better and easier sleep. Then moving change for the better with respect to physical appearance. Frequent and long-term exercise physical activity has the effect of improving: cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and other systems of the body. Metabolic has a very important role in maintaining good health and elimination of toxins from the body. Of course, the acceleration of metabolism is very important for caloric expenditure and removing fat deposits. Rehabilitation due to some violations of the natural health reason to go to the fitness center (problem with back pain and strengthen your back muscles, strengthen atrophied muscles of the quadriceps after surgery knee ligaments and other injuries).


The physical appearance

The second reason or motivation for going to the gym is physical appearance. After a month of intensive training we will experience both psychological and physical changes in the body. Depending on the level of physical activity that you have practiced before going to the gym you will feel the changes in the form of strength, vitality, muscle shape and losing weight. Of course, after some time the results will be more visible.


Some motor characteristics (strength, endurance, flexibility, speed …)

The third reason for going to the gym is to improve individual motor characteristics of the body (this is specifically for athletes who want to improve certain functions that are important to them for a particular sport or that they lack). Definitely weightlifting increases body strength, cardio training endurance, specific exercises speed and explosiveness so.



Fourth socialization as a form of socializing, contact and sense of belonging to a trip to the fitness center. Worldwide, fitness centers and major fitness companies ( Active gym, Golds gym, Fitness First …) opens complexes in addition to cardio units, freestyle area is currently very topical, including: TRX, bosu ball, swiss ball, ropes, sand bags, vipers, boxing , area with machines, free weights to work, and include indoor and outdoor swimming pools, group trainings halls, restaurants, bars core with meals and healthy fruit drinks, children playground and many other areas. It has become a way of life and style.



About Marko Mikic

Marko is Master degree Professor of Physical Education and Graduated Organizer of Sports Recreation. Licensed TecnoGym Personal Trainer with international experience, with over 15 years. Instructor, Lifeguard and Coordinator in Life Saving Federation. Former Ski competitor and actual Ski instructor. Conditioning coach for professional athletes. Actual Fitness and Health Writer, Health Advisor, Online Coach and Fitness Specialist. Health and Fitness Consultant and Publisher. Certified Trainer for Kinesitherapy, Sports Diagnostics, Back Pain Prevention, Discovering Physical Faults, Muscle Imbalances, Early Diagnosis of Injuries, Assessment of Physical Skills and Tests, Functional Training and Cross Fit. Personal Trainer and Social Media Marketing Manager at Sky Wellness TechnoGym Center in Belgrade.

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