Running is the most common and most popular form of physical activity that we practice just to be physically active but also remove the fat and lose weight. There are many doubts about the effectiveness for this physical activity on the body and also for losing fat. These concerns and some interesting questions will be answered below.


Running as a form of physical activity can be practiced almost everywhere and with all weather conditions. When the temperatures is low, it is not recommended to run outside, although there are those people who do not mind. Running on the treadmill at the fitness center or in the house, is it ideal. It is all about which way is best, what intensity is necessary, how long should we run to fat burning as effective as possible, provide arguments for the example:

Half-hour training at low intensity loads, in which the heart rate is 50% of your maximum heart rate, burning a total of approximately 250 Kcal. If we know that the source of 90% energy is from fat, it means that we have burned 250 calories from fat. If, however, the training workload where your pulse is 75% of maximal, use up to half an hour in total 447 calories. Since, energy source is 60% of the fat will burn 268 calories from fat.

The conclusion is that, if you running fast you will burn more fat, beginners will not be able to maintain a high intensity training due to lack of training and lack of fitness. In addition to a reduction of the length of training and increasing the intensity increases, the possibility of injury due to the great efforts. All this shows mean FOR BURNING FAT RUNNING SLOW AND LONG. The intensity should be at a distance of 50% to 65% of your maximum heart rate, which is the slow pace of running or jogging.

Maximum fat oxidation occurs with exercise intensity of 65% VO2max (maximal oxygen consumption, maximal aerobic capacity). Increased fat burning starts only after 20 minutes of running.

For fat loss, best way is combination running with other exercises. Running is a catabolic process so you loose fat, but you lose muscle mass and nutrients important for the body. Belt for running and sweating, have no bearing on the melting fat. They only cause unnecessary sweating, loss of fluids and increasing temperatures. The amount of sweat has little to do with energy. Sweating depends on other factors such as external temperature, humidity, lack of fitness, degree of obesity, clothing, types of work from doing.

Each, hard work and effort will be certainly useful, you just have to follow the rules and follow guidelines that are already well down the years studied and tested. Any sudden and rapid changes in your body, including losing weight, will eventually affect and cause negative consequences to a function in your body. Gradual progress will be much healthier, and later with a long-term result.

About Marko Mikic

Marko is Master degree Professor of Physical Education and Graduated Organizer of Sports Recreation. Licensed TecnoGym Personal Trainer with international experience, with over 15 years. Instructor, Lifeguard and Coordinator in Life Saving Federation. Former Ski competitor and actual Ski instructor. Conditioning coach for professional athletes. Actual Fitness and Health Writer, Health Advisor, Online Coach and Fitness Specialist. Health and Fitness Consultant and Publisher. Certified Trainer for Kinesitherapy, Sports Diagnostics, Back Pain Prevention, Discovering Physical Faults, Muscle Imbalances, Early Diagnosis of Injuries, Assessment of Physical Skills and Tests, Functional Training and Cross Fit. Personal Trainer and Freelance Photographer.

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