It would be best to follow:


Increase the intake of foods that have a high nutritional value and energy.

Include in your diet as many vegetables such as peas, carrots, beets and corn, which have a higher energy value checks green, leafy vegetables, and it is rich with water. Energy value of certain types of vegetables increases in preparing olive oil and other vegetable oils.

Reduce the consumption of vegetables and foods rich in dietary fiber, which makes voluminous meals. Such a diet prolongs the time of digestion, satiety and energy intake is low. This applies to foods rich with water.

When it comes to training, give priority to the gym. Repeat each exercise eight to ten times, with a pause of a minute or two. The best is that in one training run six to eight exercises and engage only two muscle groups. Observe the proper technique of performing the exercises.


About Marko Mikic

Marko is Master degree Professor of Physical Education and Graduated Organizer of Sports Recreation. Licensed TecnoGym Personal Trainer with international experience, with over 15 years. Instructor, Lifeguard and Coordinator in Life Saving Federation. Former Ski competitor and actual Ski instructor. Conditioning coach for professional athletes. Actual Fitness and Health Writer, Health Advisor, Online Coach and Fitness Specialist. Health and Fitness Consultant and Publisher. Certified Trainer for Kinesitherapy, Sports Diagnostics, Back Pain Prevention, Discovering Physical Faults, Muscle Imbalances, Early Diagnosis of Injuries, Assessment of Physical Skills and Tests, Functional Training and Cross Fit. Personal Trainer and Freelance Photographer.

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