Recently, a couple of times people asked me how to regain abdominal muscles after pregnancy. The problem is not so frequent as everyday questions about fitness and health, so I spent a bit of time to research and write about this topic.


The separation of these muscles is normal during pregnancy. Muscles and connective tissues are stretched and thinning to adjust your baby. It may take several months after birth while these muscles begin to heal, to be closer to their initial position. For some individuals, this separation can be very significant and visible. It can lead to a weakening of the core and back pain. Condition (diastasis recti) can be significantly improved or cured say so specific static exercises to stabilize the core muscles (stomach and lumbar back).


First, it is useful to check the degree of separation of muscles. Lying on your back, lift your head and shoulders slightly off the floor and put his fingers into his belly button. If your feet sink into your stomach, you have separation of your rectus abdominis muscle. You can then move the finger above and below the navel to feel different degrees of separation in various fields. Getting to know the degree of separation is useful when you start to exercise to track your progress treatment.

Before we talk about exercise, we need to know. Abdominal exercises such as crunches classic and Plank are counterproductive and can only aggravate things. When this phenomenon separation of the abdominal muscles can be rehabilitated relatively gradual take on the classic sit-ups, but it is important to avoid until you build a stronger core.

One of the first exercises to start after 6 weeks post partum it has been a simple breathing exercise that can help to isolate your core abdominal muscles. Lie on your back, knees bent, lower back is tight to the ground. Place your hand on your stomach and take a deep breath, try to exhale while I push my hand that was on his stomach, giving resistance exhalation with hand. This can work out and a dozen times during the day until you feel you have mastered the technique of execution.


Start in the same position as the previous exercise. This time, bend your hips toward the chest with the involvement of the abdominal muscles and put pressure lower back to the ground. This is a very subtle movement, which develops core abdominal muscles and pelvic floor.


These two exercises is very important to work frequently until you feel that abs muscles slowly return to the starting position, then you can gently exercise the other exercises the abdominal muscles. Make sure that you are doing the exercises slowly and in slow motion without sudden movements.

About Marko Mikic

Marko is Master degree Professor of Physical Education and Graduated Organizer of Sports Recreation. Licensed TecnoGym Personal Trainer with international experience, with over 15 years. Instructor, Lifeguard and Coordinator in Life Saving Federation. Former Ski competitor and actual Ski instructor. Conditioning coach for professional athletes. Actual Fitness and Health Writer, Health Advisor, Online Coach and Fitness Specialist. Health and Fitness Consultant and Publisher. Certified Trainer for Kinesitherapy, Sports Diagnostics, Back Pain Prevention, Discovering Physical Faults, Muscle Imbalances, Early Diagnosis of Injuries, Assessment of Physical Skills and Tests, Functional Training and Cross Fit. Personal Trainer and Freelance Photographer.

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